What do i primarily tweet about?

Posted: February 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

I tweet primarily about Atheism, Anti-theism, asatruism, Kurdish rights, politics, Gender egalitarianism, science, Green issues, Ecology and permaculture/semi-urban sustainable farming.

Why these things?

I think atheism should be the default position of humanity.

I think Anti-theism is healthy. We must call out and ridicule bullshit.

I think, with regards to the above, that some beliefs are more modern than others and should be encouraged as an alternative to the abrahamic religions, especially the Creationist christians and violent Islamist jihadis of this world. Those who feel they need belief should be shown pagan beliefs that are more naturalistic and in harmony with ecology and a holistic, less violent and rational future. In my opinion, creationism and islamism are terribly destructive. 

Asatruism is younger than Scientology and is a reconstructed belief system that is also pre-christian. The #HeathensWithoutHate mentality shows that it is actively addressing the odious Nazi appropriation.

I tweet about the Kurds, especially in Rojava and Turkey, because the latter are under colonial style rule and the former because they fight for humanity, Democratic Confederalism an women’s rights against Islamic fascism. I also have internet friends in the YPJ and YPG. International volunteers are very brave people. 

Obviously, politics, ‘cos it’s everyf’ckinwhere!

I tweet about Gender Egalitarianism because it’s the way forward to gender parity within a meritocratic humanist world. To be both a Feminist(classic) and Anērist is the way to move from the bitterness that’s in this debate. 

I think science is amazing. All of it. Especially the science which will lead to humanity becoming an inter-planetary species and a long lived species.(TransHumanism)

I think Green issues are very important. I support the Green party UK. Climate change, nuclear weapons and power stations concern me. Solar energy is a good way to go. 

I’m very interested in rebalancing eco systems and conserving wilderness.

I’ve very interested in permaculture as it’s food for free and I’d like to one day have a small sustainable small holding(2 acres)


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