The Progressive Reform Party. (eco-socialist)

Posted: February 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Preliminary policies:


Flag logos and what they represent

#1 Ecological Socialsm

#2 as explained above 26 policies

 #3 Democratic Confederalism/Communalism, Libertarian Socialism, Localism, Regionalism, neo-anarchism, off grid, permaculture, Eco-Humanism, anarcho-primitivism

Very much-


anti-authoritarian socialism/all Communist experiments to date.


anti-Tory/Republican PartyUSA

anti-multiculturism (^not anti cultures that share common foundational values, like Secularism, Pro-Choice, pro-GLBT, pro-free speech, democratic, pro-gender egalitarianism)

[^Pro-MultiEthnic societies]

anti-Islamism (extremists)

anti-Creationist Christianity (extremists)


Pro-peace and reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. FreeGazaFromReligion FreeWestBankFromOccupation /Anti-Zionist 


Pro-peaceful(non violent)AntiFa.(Tolstoy, Gandhi, ML King, Jainist thinking)


Pro-Gay Rights



Gender Egalitarianist – non overlapping feminism and Anērism.

Pro-Green Party.

On certain social issues- alligning with SNP*, Cooperative party*, The NHS party*, The Pirate Party, Plaid cymru*, Socialist Labour Party*

*not all policies, as they have a ‘Growth is good’ economic policy. We want a negative growth/eco-sustainable system

  1. theseptivium says:

    Hey man, I figured I’d leave a comment for you here.

    I agree with quite a lot of whats said here, I can’t agree with everything but the worlds not perfect right? haha

    I would also like to see more said on protection of individual liberties, government snooping it a pet peeve of mine!

    But yea, an enjoyable read, so much so I was thinking of writing a similar list for a perfect party of my own!

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