Gender Egalitarianist Creed

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here is line of Gender equality.


Anērism is here.  |

                                  |      Feminism is here


        ^^^^^Non overlapping^^^^^

Both ‘isms’ do not overlap. Each fight for their separate rights.

I am a feminist, as I support women’s rights.

I am an Anērist, as I support men’s rights. 

I try not to be misogynistic.

I try not to be misandrious.

I am intersectional as I recognise all of humanity need equal rights

I criticise Feminism, but I’m not anti-Feminist.

I criticise Anērism, but I’m not anti-Anērist.

Feminism is not monolithic.

Anērism is not monolithic.

There is a diversity of opinions.

Yet there is a combined goal.

The goal is dignity, freedom

and a respectful meritocratic humanism. 

*Gender Egalitarianism


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