“Feminism is not Monolithic”

Posted: January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

What is this phrase all about?

Let’s find out! 

Is feminism just one thing? No, it is not and I will explain.

But feminists want one thing : Gender equality. Dont’t they?

Yes, I agree. They do want Gender Equality, but “They” are many and varied in their views.

For example, there are 2 issues : 1/Trans women being seen as women and 2/prostitution. If feminism was a monolithic movement, with a focused, agreed method to achieve their goals, then it would not be divided on these issues. For instance, if you take 3 feminists they all should agree on many things.

What we find is that they do not. 

Take 1/ there are many feminists* who are very pro-Trans women. They support men who transition as being seen as women. Then there are feminists who are known as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists** who see trans women, as Germaine Greer does, as ‘Men with no dicks’ and would not ever be persuaded to see them as anything else. They are firmly transphobic.

Thus a Divided feminism.

Take 2/ there are many feminists who support sex workers and the legalization of prostitution. Then there are feminists who are Very much against legalization of sex work and prostitution.

Thus a divided feminism.

There are many other feminist schisms. Feminists very occasionally clash and have very strong, bitter feuds.Another topical (Jan 2017) issue is that of hijab wearing. This divides feminists on this cultural/religious requirement.

If you are carefully, you can actually find a way thru’ modern feminism and agree with many stances on issues. Even a misogynistic MRA could trace through the views of feminists and say “I agree with her”.

All self-described feminists should acknowledge that feminism is a wide movement of many strands and some strands do not agree with each other.This will help describe, identify and push out the women (and men) that support and advocate for the toxic feminism that has caused antipathy towards a movement that was created to help women. This antipathy and rejection of the movement has resulted in only 7% of British women proudly saying that they are feminists. A high number of women in Britain would actually say they are for gender equality, but they are not feminists! 

Who are the advocates for the strand(s) of feminism that is so toxic?

The main culprits are the vocal and media savvy feminists. The ones that are strident in their ideological message. The creators of blogs, Youtube videos and books that speak of “Man tears” and “mansplaining”. The RadFEMS and the condescending, blockers of criticism and the ones who enforce clique binary thinking “You are with us or against us”.

They are the bad apples on the tree that has given:

Votes for women.

Workers rights for women.

Reproduction rights for women

… and so on and on.

The critics of feminism do not differentiate. They do not describe which feminism they are against, because it would not help their agenda of bringing the whole thing down. To them, and to the internal wreckers, feminism is one movement. 

I don’t agree. Feminism is a spectrum approach, within a wide umbrella movement called Gender Egalitarianism, to bring about a long overdue correction in disparity and create a better society that has choices and inclusion at its heart.

Yet the strand of orthodox Feminism that the majority of feminists agree to, will not progress, if it continues to accept the Creationist-like ideologues in its midst. To the feminist spectrum these are the negative elements.

These are the particular feminists to call out.These are the feminists that prove feminism is not monolithic. These the specific feminists that are a cancer within..

Since this other phrase(by Milo) came out, i’d say the correct response to “Feminism is cancer” is …which version?


* The non misandrious, non misogynistic or transphobic, pro-prostitution 3rd wave intersectional gender incusive feminists (Orthodox)

** TERFs (see Google- described as a subset of feminism. 


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