I don’t understand Twitter! 

Posted: January 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

I don’t understand Twitter. 

Look at this Tweet and Tweet activity.

377 people looked at it and I get a pathetic 3 Retweets  and 6 likes. Even if you take it down to the 40 engagements, that’s utterly poor.

I’ve been on twitter since mid 2012 and I have 14.5k followers. You’d think I’d get, even on the lowest estimate, about 800 Retweets and about 2,200 likes. I don’t. I barely scrape into double figures on both! I mean WTF is going on?

Let’s break it down

14,500 followers all over the World. 

So, take out 4,500 for sleeping.

So, 10,000 followers, but some are in work or eating or shopping, so…

take out another 3,000.

That leaves 7,000 followers. 

So, my tweets may not be seen or they go under some peoples radar.

So, 2,000 goes.

That leaves 5,000 to be awake, on twitter, following me and who like my previous tweets. 

Take out another 2,000 just because they don’t like this tweet. 

I’m left with 3,000 who are totally positive with regards to my tweets.

Where are they? 

I should be getting 1,000+ retweets on the above tweet, but no…I’m not!

Pisses me off! 

Just doesn’t make sense.

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