The Not so Golden One.

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

A very good video. Hbomberguy breaks down the façade of Fascist Alpha Maleness that The Not-so Golden one presents. 

Overall view.

I have watched The Golden Ones videos to get an insight into modern Alt-Right/neo-nazi Youtubers. I don’t like his political beliefs, yet his videos are watchable and i do get curious to see what he’s going to talk about next.

He has some brutal solutions to social problems-eg He supports drug addicts getting murdered.He has some Regressive solutions to political ideas-eg Removing proper free democracy for some kind of wacky householder democracy. He falls into the delusion of thinking a “Glorious”, traditional Sweden existed before 1950 and a strong, Third position, nationalistic Europe is possible-eg White females are chaste, pure and virginal and he’d probably would be MEGA.[Make Europe Great Again]  He is an apologist for Nazism and he definitely has binary thinking. He prompts ‘the greatest story never told” film, which is a highly romantized view of Adolf Hitler and many videos have an “either or” feel to them,

Neutral liberal view.

He does have a right to his views and he presents his videos(focusing only upon the Way he does them, not what they are about) Straight to the camera, fairly honestly, but you do notice the edits. He is consistent in his delivery. I’d say he wants to remove islamism, which is no bad thing. [but also Muslims, just for being Muslim, which is bigotry.]

However, his desire for personal self-motivation and clean living, getting pumped, getting healthy and urging of his followers to read books isn’t all bad. I ungrudgingly admit that he tries to live up to his views on personal development. I believe he would despise hypocrisy in himself, so this is no act. To many people wanting to physically improve themselves, he would be inspiration. He does love himself(but is that bad?) His English is fairly good and I wonder at what his life experience was to get him to think the way he does. If he was on the left, I’d think his channel would have been one of my  favorites. 

-A slightly overweight, degenerate beta leftist cuck. XXO


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