“Cringe Corner: Steve Shives | SecondClancy”

Posted: January 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Do I think Shives has ruined his channel? Yes.

Do I think Shives can recover from it? No. He’s too far down the path of self destruction.

Do I think Shives should leave Youtube? Yes.

Why do you think Shives has to leave and why has he ruined his channel?

I think he should leave to watch and reflect upon the so-called negative videos of himself and see his faults from other Youtubers POV*. He’s ruined his channel by being welded to his particular strand of Creationist-like feminism, which he doesn’t self criticise and doubt. He is a Regressive eg- actually thinking Islamophobia is a thing and not as a silencing word is proof of that. The blocking doesn’t help either!

A new #tag from this video is #IHaveBlockedShives with a Screengrab of him being blocked. 


*POV = points of view


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