“Transgender Woman Shows Lesbian Her Vagina!”

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

I support Trans women(& Trans men) I’m not trans. I have no desire to trans anything. I tweet videos to educate others, after educating myself. A sort of walking in other shoes.(Not in high heels either. They look lethal!)

I see similarities with coming out as trans and coming out as an atheist. Both can be difficult to do. Both mean big changes to your life.Both face discrimination. Many try to hide it and go into social situations taking on a different face, just to fit in. Some probably overcompensate. So that belligerent Christian or really full on testosteroned man could be an atheist or transgender! 

I’m really glad I have Transgender atheists following me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/Athe1stp0wer and I’m happy to follow them.



My thoughts and observations on gender lead me to believe that there are 3 identities linked with regards to the makeup of the brain with a spectrum.2 are cis & 1 is intersex spectrum with 2 subsets.There are also 4 identities with regards to biological makeup Again, 2 are cis & 1 is interrsex spectrum with 2 subsets and 1 is a biological fact. If you do think there’s more, well..we are going to disagree. You may be correct, half true, but I do think saying there are 26+ genders is a nonsense.

Brain makeup:

Cis male

Intersex spectrum-Intersex A [Trans male] & Intersex B [Trans female] Thoughts of “in wrong body” may be prevalent.

Cis female

Biological makeup

Biological male

Intersex spectrum-Intersex A [Trans male] & Intersex B [Trans female] This covers pre-op and post-op and those who do not want to change their ‘LadyBoy’, ‘Chick with a dick’ or ‘Tomboy’, ‘Man with a vag’ status.

[Biological hermaphrodite- see Footnote]

Biological female

On both of these descriptions, there are, of course, spectrums. A person may lay someplace upon them. Asexuality also intrudes on the Brain makeup.The plethora of 

I’m of the opinion that the fully-developed mind is biologically tuned to being male or female and there’s a spectrum between. Society will reinforce a binary stricture upon the top. You are born with male genitals, so you will be identified as male. This is also for the female.

Straightforward and after pigeon holing you, society moves on!

Here comes the but

, but biological and brain don’t match. This is why homosexuality exists. A male body with a feminine mind. A female body with a masculine mind. It is tentivally put that it is an In utero event that makes this possible. A flush of hormones or a wiring of the mind or both. This makes sense and the evidence supports it. Anecdotally, you have heard about it. In school, some boys are seen as ‘sissies’ and some girls are seen as ‘tomboys’. This doesn’t mean they are gay or lesbian. In a school I attended(early 80s), there were such kids, a boy that knitted and loved pink lacy clothing and a girl, who played exclusively with her brothers. I believe both settled down and had cis relationships.It just shows that you can’t pigeon hole people.(like religion does,for eg)

The idea that the mind takes precedence over biology is a hard one to grasp. The conservative & traditionalist point of view can’t process it. ‘You are(Male & Female brain) what you are'(Male & Female biologically) is their mantra. Anything off that narrow scale is suspect and you may be suffering from a mental delusion or under the influence of degenerate lesbian parents or you read too much gay RegressiveLeftie propaganda! 

Things don’t match up and that’s a fact. Hearing and reading Trans life stories from Youtube has reinforced my view on this. Progressive society is correct on its move away from the binary thinking. Being gay or trans doesn’t remove tradition, heritage or values from national identity. One story that I read about is a Dane, who is openly gay, has had built an Asatru OdinHof(Temple) and it has been very successful.

With medical advances, biological gender will evolve.You can create the body that matches your brain. Asexual minded people may denipplise and degenitalise themselves. This may not be a good thing for society as it will increase bigotry and discrimination, but money will make it happen. That feeling of ‘wrong body’ can and does disappear. Futurism also opens up more body modification. Can you imagine what conservatives will say when someone identifies as Trans Fish and they have fully functioning gills, webbed feet and finned legs! 

If started in the late teens, transition thru’ surgery literally creates a new woman,albeit infertile. With medical advances the inclusion of a womb is possible. TERFs like Germaine ‘you’re just a man that’s cut off his dick’ Greer will be left behind. Also, the Trans man will also be able to change to a funtional penis very soon. Growing your own cells to create extra skin and pseudo-testicles will be possible. Many post-op trans women are very beautiful and some women(cis) would be jealous of the vaginas that are created. No inner labia lips protruding, for a start!

Just to say that Personal preference is not a prejudice. I would not date a trans women pre-op.You have to blame my Cis brain for that one! 

Anyway, this sets out how I think things stand. I just hope you will #SupportTrans and become a Trans ally after reading this. The only way attitudes change is through a majority in consensus. 

Vive la difference! 


Hermaphroditism is a biological fact, and even though difficult for both the person who has it and their parents, they should given a temporary identification of intersex on birth certificates. Then they should be given space to grow into their gender identity (Brain makeup*)

*I think talk of transitioning under the age of 16 with non-hermaphrodite children shouldn’t be encouraged or indulged, as the brain thinking about it isn’t developed enough. Parental influence will definitely be a factor in the decision, whether the child is rebelling or trying to please.[My personal view]

On genderqueer;

This does not change the above positions. In fact, it reinforces the idea of an intersex spectrum as part of brain makeup. Gender queer is not part of the intersex spectrum within the biological makeup.

Much confusion comes from poorly explained information and some eccentrics will be seen as representative of the whole. Progressives must try to do better in their explanations and not go to default insults or blocking. They will have to deliniate between the unique and the group. The wish to identify as a cis gender, Trans cat, for example is brain makeup and is delusional based or at least a reality denying thought process(off spectrum). As I mentioned above, medical advances in body modification will occur and money will make it happen. It doesn’t mean 99.9% of the population won’t call it wacky! 


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