Posted: January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here we go. I’ll give a few predictions for 2017.

Brexit will become harder to navigate.

After the elections in France, Germany and Italy, brexit will be the biggest talking point in Europe.

Le Pen may win.

Merkel will lose.

No real change in Italy.

Netherlands may Nexit. 

There will be tensions in the Baltic states.Cyber attack by Russia.

Trump will funnel money into infrastructure, but lower taxes.

Trump may have a heart attack. Pence will run the US. 

Obama will make a shed load of money.

VR gaming goes mainstream.

Skyrim will continue to be epic. 

China will fire shots at someone challenging them in the South China Sea. Tensions will increase.

North Korea will suffer internal divisions and start to crumble. 

Mars will surprise the scientific community. A fossil of a sea creature perhaps.

ISIS will lose Raqqa. ISISwill go underground after the defeat.

Rojava will be federated into an Assad-Led Syria. 

Assad will be given a choice to go into Russian exile or face more attacks by the West.  Assad will stay put with Russian help.

Turkey will become authoritarian.

Kurdistan will arise. 

The move towards Catalonian independence.

Scottish independence movement will increase support. 

The Queen will not die. Charles will be handed more duties.

Tesla stocks will increase. 


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