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I identify as a Gender Egalitarianist, which comprises of feminism(Classic liberal feminism*) and Anērism (RightsForMen RFM)

*I also include Kurdish Feminism || Classic feminism is 1st and 2nd wave, with a guarded acceptance of some of the 3rd wave. 4th Wave feminism is the 1st wave of Gender Egalitarianism. 

Humourless and Sargon Obsessed.(also ThunderFootToxicTarPit addicted) What a disappointing person she turned out to be. 

Would i survive a nuke?

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I’m really regretful that I was cheerleader for her twitter account. I used to send feminists* and egalitarians her way to follow her. I #FF’ed and #RT’ed her quite often. She was even on my bio for a time.

What a disappointment! 

*feminists, who are more the classic kind. 

This shows a weakness. If you have to create a channel to back up your channel… are pretty much failing at Youtube! 
Unsubscribe and unfollow The BadFeminist Trinity of Shives, Winters and Logan.

Unknown credit. Looks fantastic.

I’m seeing this quite a bit now. Anti-racists being racist, but not acknowledging it as such, towards people of Caucasian descent. White men especially are facing bigotry and assumptions of elitist thoughts, when they are simply giving opinions.

You have to call it out. 


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Are white people a mutation? Albinoism as origin of the white races.