Fourth-wave feminism is not the Future.

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Gender Egalitarianism is The Future.

As pointed out before:

Fourth wave feminism is actually a component of Gender Egalitarianism*. Feminism has been a necessary cause to catch up with men in equality. In the West this has been broadly achieved. Now women and men need to heal the division and be United for the fight for Global Humanism and Gender equality! Feminism is not equality. Feminism is half on equality. Anērism is not equality. If one has ascendency over the other, that is not equality. Misogyny and misandry do not have a place in Equality.  You need both, Rights for men and Rights for women to make same level playing field. That’s the goal if both. Putting down others shouldn’t be the aim. Lifting both up and giving thee same start is the aim. Then you leave it to Merit to pick the best. Don’t whine if you lose under a fair deal. After Gender equality is worldwide and you go automatically to “it’s because he’s a man” or “its because she’s a woman”….you will be seen as a Regressive. 

No time for you. 

*Gender Egalitarianism is fourth wave feminism(able to be self critical) and Anērism [Rights For Men~RFM]

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