2nd wave Gender Egalitarianism; Fifth wave feminism and 2nd wave Anērism

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Uncategorized


2nd wave Gender egalitarianism would be the last wave. It would solidify the first wave and fine tune all arguments. There would bre no need for a third wave! 

Five wave feminism has already been proposed. Five wave feminism respinse to sexism is simply to say “HA!” and to ridicule the person. Very much like how Creationists (Ken Ham or Ray Comfort) are treated by atheists.

The 2nd wave of Anērism would also be the last* wave. Again, it would only serve to solidify the first wave. 


*Fhe next rights to champion would be RoboGenEgalitarianism (RoboFeminism and RoboAnērism). TransRobogenderism may occur when AI Sex bot units achieve sensational feedback and discover their true sexuality. 

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