“What we learned about Islam from Pat Condell”

Posted: December 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Set of (White Anglo-Saxon) Christian beliefs-ridiculed√

Set of (White Anglo-Saxon) Scientology beliefs-ridiculed√

Set of (White Anglo-Saxon)Mormon beliefs-ridiculed√

Set of (Various POC and White Anglo-Saxon converts) Islamic beliefs- You can’t do that! They’re the religion of peace! You’re attacking a minority! You’re racist! You’re Islamophobic! They are peaceful.Let them worship however they like. How dare you!

–A White Agnostic/weak atheist Western Regressive Leftie Liberal the other day.

You have to question all beliefs and compare them to acceptable, progressive standards. Wahhabist and Shi’ite Islam is generally conservative, misogynistic, intolerant, mythological nonsense. It is on the increase as more people from NAME* come into Europe. I recognise that you can get from one book at least two interpretations..the violent, pushy and assertive kind and the spiritual, non violent, tolerant kind….and that it’s a religion that’s universal and you can join from any background, but it is still “the motherlode of bad ideas”(- Sam Harris)

So I’m not uninformed, if I can tell the difference between ripping into horrible ideas(eg-Islamic beliefs) and bigotry towards people of the Muslim Faith(correctly called Muslimophobia)

So I’m not racist, if i criticise Islam and the Koran.(not Muslims)

So I’m not intolerant, if I criticise Islam.(not Muslims)

I have a right to say and point it out. 

Right back at you!

*North African Middle East 


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