The Real Left: The Alt-Left Pagan Atheist and Eco-Socialist vanguard Manifesto.

Posted: December 28, 2016 in Uncategorized


This is the cornerstone of Alt-Left. Rojava is leading the way.


Without laying bare the stupidstition of the masses, the Alt-Left is hamstrung.


Freedom of Religion and Freedom From Religion


Being in balance with nature and in balance in your society is the goal of the Alt-Left

#Humanism The establishment of a Human is Association in all countries. To advance society, you need good core values. 

#Anarchism Not the bomb throwing nihilism of the past, but a well rounded idea on how to organise society. Dont be duped by the media.

#PanEuropeanism This is essential. We don’t want a United States of Europe. A Confederation of Regionalized European Provinces is better. Local democracy and Regional economic models is the aim. Confederalate the World! PanAfricanism and PanAsian ideals must also come into the frame. 

 #GenderEgalitarianism The 1st wave of true equality is here. I am a feminist AND also a Anērist. 

 #Antitheism Organised religions must go! Disestablishment of all Churches!

#Feminism A return to the Classic feminism of the First + Second + Kurdiush Feminism(As led by Rojava) There must be an end to misandry and misogyny.

#Anērism Rights for Men, but not the misogynistic Men’s Rights Advocacy of Youtube.

 #Futurism Elon Musk is a true visionary.

  #Transhumanism Zoltan Istvan and Gray Scott are vanguards in this field.

 #Individualism A society where you can be you.

#Group identity A place where people pulling together, not for profit, but for community.Identity based on common thoughts, not race. 

#Asatruism Returning to an old practice before the Scourge of Abrahamic religion, is the goal of many on the Alt-Left. No overall organisation, just an organic grassroots movement.

#HeathensWithoutHate Asatruism is inclusive. The Nazi appropriation was damaging and Must be addressed.

 #Multiethnic To accept all POC into this project who wish to integrate into that regions projects and society.

#UniversalBasicIncome With more automation, comes more freedom from work. This project is vital for creativity.

 #Multiculturism Does not work when cultures collide. Alt-Left will combat multiculturalism. It is the death of diversity.

This is not an exhaustive list and it may grow in the future, both in scope and explanation. 


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