Ragnarök – The end of the World in Norse Mythology

Posted: December 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

RagnarökEuropa : Europe will perish, only to be reborn. Multiculturalism will fail. Global Neo-Liberal politics and capitalism will fail. The Judeo-Christian society will fail.Monarchy will fail. 

A new world of a Confederalist, multi-ethnic, regionalistic, local direct Democratic and rationalrational meritocracy will emerge.

Multi-culturalism, as it is today, means the death of diversity.

Global Neo-Liberalism, is changing people into Main Stream Media addicted mass consumers, to the detriment of the environment and the facts of World reality.

Regionalism and localism and a Confederalist structure will prevail over Globalism and statism. Globalism also attacks the environment. Seasonal foods will be the norm again.

The lies, distortions and hideous anti-intellectualism of Abrahamic religion will continue to be opposed.

Monarchy, as the Apex institution of the privileged elitist class system will fall.

A Gender egalitarianist, non violent, co operative society will be the system we aim for. Not greed. No more profit over people. No more excess over environment. 

Hail Ragnarök 

I feel revolution, political instability, small civil wars and economic collapse is on the horizon in Europe. The new American President will lead the world to crisis point with Russia or China. 


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