“You Had to Ask #219: 12/16/2016”

Posted: December 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Steve Shives. I don’t hate him. Don’t condone trolling of him. Apart from the #BlockedBySteve hashtag. I actually tried to dismantle it. I kept getting “who is Steve? Why has he blocked me?” tweets, both publicly and by DM. I, up to that point, hadn’t been blocked. I’ve been okay with most of his early atheist and feminist videos. People noticed that I hadn’t been blocked and asked. I got a bit fed up of this, so enquired whether he would stop doing his mass blocking/guilt by association* to take the wind out of the sails of those who complained and go twitter private, so he had control of who followed him. It would bve a winwin situation. The hashtag would die, no one would be blocked, except his detractors and he’d know that those following would like his videos.It’s been done by others.

I got blocked. For trying to help him! 

I then started watching video is that critised him and his channel. Best thing I ever done. It exposed him for what he is. Signed up to RegressiveLeft, bad sjwarriorism, white knighting, creationist type feminism(insisting they hold the one true thread) and under the thumb of his wife.

I think its because its the only way he can get interest in his channel. Having #BlockedBySteve enables him to have more reach than he normally would have. He won’t bite the hand that feeds him. 

His channel had had a brief spike, due to his Anti-Trump video, but the trend of his channel is downwards.

In my opinion, he’s blinkered. He does not criticise the ideological and dogmatic feminism that he adheres to. 
With Winters and Logan…he is in the Trinity of YoutubeBadFeminists.
Unsubscribe and unfollow him,  it’s the only way he might listen to reason and turn around! 

* apparently if you follow Sargon, Amazing atheist and others that he doesn’t like you get blocked. 


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