White Genocide, Eurabia and Other White Supremacist Nonsense | Debunking Denialism

Posted: December 16, 2016 in Uncategorized


I don’t buy into the fascist mentality. Hitlerism and the far right are destructive elements. That they still go against history, saying that there was no Holocaust is deplorable. That they think Hitler was a great man is deplorable.The heirs to this political tosh is the Alt-Right and their obsession with “the Jews”. They think everything is orchestrated by the Jews. This is wrong. Many, many things on that political view is incorrect.They are a distortion or total fabrication, hinged upon populism and Lowest Common denominatior. However, one claim does stand out, that there’s still a observation to address by the left – if there’s a planned, unrestricted population introduction into Europe, who have high birthrates, and an existing population, who have zero or negative birthrates(Spain)  who will be subsumed?
If its +4 for incomers and -3 for existing.. Who will lose out? 


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