“Fistie Splinters gets trolled HARD #Sarcasm?”

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Good video.

The two worst feminists upon Youtube are Steve Shives and Kristi Winters. I’m appalled that people may think they are typical feminists.

I was briefly Wowed by Kristi. She had a very good channel and just like Shives, the early videos are very interesting. Then, exactly like Shives, her dogmatic adherence to the group think of 3rd wave Gender inclusive, intersectional ideological feminism made her unable to admit that she is wrong or apply self criticism to her views. Doubling down, ad hominem attacks, abrupt blocking and condescension becomes the response.I have experienced this from both of them, so I do know what I’m talking about. {However, I speak only for myself.}

They do have a Hardcore of followers that will defend them tooth and nail, but everyone else notices that they are so thin skinned and weak in their arguments and so Trolling results. (I don’t condone the misogynistic comments.)

I hope their channels shrink and twitter following crumbles. This may encourage them to reflect on why people are departing and change their views and attitude.

.. (It won’t, but there’s a slim chance)

The Youtuber on this video is new too me, so if he has faults…I don’t know about them yet! 


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