Genetic study points to Indigenous Australians as the oldest continuous society on Earth – ScienceAlert

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

They have done this through maintaining  a good community spirit.

Now if an indigenous Australian spokesperson says that they want to preserve their culture(ethno-tribalism), community, heritage, language and religious beliefs by passing laws to make illegal immigration, overt religious beliefs from other faiths, multi-culturism and corporate global capitalism outlets unable to “set up shop” in their region….( You may disagree with some of their practises, eg circumcision, but you think that standing up to preserve a distinct way of life, a unique identity is a good idea.)….is it racist?

No, in fact many lefties would support such efforts. Then how is it that a person who says this in Europe is labeled a racist? Is it because it’s Ethno-Nationalism? What if it’s not nationalism, but Pan Europeanism(Ethno-regionalism) ? The Chinese have Ethno-regionalism..and no one says that they are racist!

There are people who are not racist, yet love their culture.They do not want it eroded. They do not want it to be crushed into another culture or multi cultures. They value and respect other ethnic communities.They want to maintain diversity, not destroy it.

Imagine if the indigenous Australian culture allowed unrestricted immigration into their areas, corporate capitalists to run shops, businesses and schools from other faiths into their society. It would be irreparably damaged.

However if you allowed only those interested in integrating into the host culture, it would be vibrant, growing and healthy.

A multi ethnic society works well. A multi-culturalal society does not work well, when you allow cultures, which are driven by highly conservative, theological fascist leaders(with no respect of the host nations laws) or Greedy (Environmental-damaging), capitalist minded, neo-liberal globalists into this dynamic.

The host culture that is tolerant of intolerant or indifferent cultures is doomed. 


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