Would You Date a Trans?

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Er….my red line is..if they have penis and testicles and do not pass as female…then No. Pre surgery Trans is a no, even if they pass.

Post surgery, pass as female- Yes. Marriage- Yes. Adoption of children- Yes.

Severly Disabled/wheelchairbound..er …I’ll be friends with them.A no. Very ableist of me, I know. Sorry.

Other disabilities- deaf is a Yes. Blind is a yes. Tourettes is a Fuck yes! Stuttering-is a yes(resisted the urge to do the obvious joke!)

Fat/obese….I would hope that they are body aware enough to keep themselves healthy. But still a yes. (But not too heavy!)

Skinny.. As above. Yes, but not under 8 stone. There’s limits. I love curves. 

Does this make me shallow? Don’t care! 


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