White and European? Yes I am!

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

We are one race. The human race. The outward appearance is due to the sun and environmental conditions. We are all red inside.

I like to think of myself as cosmopolitan and a person who would take people as they are and not judge on colour, age, gender or political or religious views. I may have my personal thoughts on first meeting them, but that’s a default that all humans have. The ‘potential friend’ or ‘potential foe’ sizing up reaction. I try to be tolerant and accommodating to the other person.

To speak of race is to go back to the 19th & 20th Century. We have gone past that now. To speak of tribes now, is to speak of tribes of people that have similar information.All you have to do is join in on a popular hashtag to see that! Ideas is what separates the human race.

Yet, there are people who still see things in racial terms and in strongly patriotic terms. Our country right or wrong! They don’t want to see the colourfulness of a patchwork of communities. They make sweeping statements and generalize about any incomers. They are mostly the strident nationalists. They see their colour as important. They see the way they live as important. They see their country as important.

I’m not a fan of this type of nationalism. Yet, there’s something in what they say that strikes a cord within me. I’m on the left, yet there are leftists who are so internationalistic and hate their identity that they will bring ruin down upon our heads.

The point of this blog is just to say…as an identification, I’d prefer to say I’m an earthling or a human…but very occasionally saying “I’m White, British and European” is better and it’s just to see the judgmental look in the eyes of those who want erase proper diversity, in favour of their version of diversity.

  1. It does seem that many multiculturalism advocates want to create a world society in Europe, yet they say nothing critical of other regions of the world, who want to remain as they are. There is no push to see the Chinese lose their identity. No desire to subsume their acheivements into bland globalised pseudo-american culture.
  2. I am cosmopolitan and have an internationalist outlook, but I do now have the feeling that having large communities of non-mixing peoples and making allowances for their way of life over the indigenous (I hate that term) people (who are the descendants of those who built that country up) as an incorrect policy to promote.
  3. I’m basically saying that a Swedish citizen calling for ‘Sweden for the Swedish’ (as an example) is not okay in Europe, but if applied to a south american rain forest tribe on the verge of extinction it is praised. “Look what they are doing for this tribe” 
  4. I now see it as a case of double standards.A- The Yuarbi tribe is saved from integration from the an encompassing Brazilian culture and given the tools to be proud and to honour their ancestors.They are given funding to support the community  in education and their cltural uniqueness. They want to maintain their unique identity in a world of strident identities.An award is given to the person who may have highlighted their plight and they are seen as a protector of diversity. B- A Swedish tribalist advocates a prechristian religion and an end to mass importation of foreign nationals who come from a different culture and mindset, who may change the Swedish identity for good. That person  wants to say “we have a unique society here. Let’s preserve it” is given an automatic label of Racist, racist, racist!
  • I mean ..WTF? 

I don’t agree with the hard nationalism of conservatives or the supremacist ideology of blood and soil advocates(essentially Nazis), yet I see where some are coming from and there’s an element of truth in what they say. 

At birth, you are given a name, culture and nationality without your consent and brought up in the way that these things mark you.You are of white colour. It’s very difficult to not see yourself as these things, especially skin tone, but you know no different. A person becomes very proud of who they are. For example, Swedish in name, Swedish in culture and they live in Sweden. A person wants to be accepted as these things and that’s a good thing. A person wants his culture to prevail and prosper and that’s also good. They have an ancestry that goes back 200 years or more. Their ancestors farmed the land.

It can be a struggle to keep this identity, especially with other cultures around. It’s easier when those other cultures share similar values and opinions on free speech, rights for women, children, gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people. You live alongside each other, but can mix freely. 

The European RegressiveLeft do not see, or do not want to see, this struggle to remain as an identifiable, separate culture in a land that was primarily created by that culture. They want nationalism to wither away. They want many cultures to exist next to each other in the same country and get along with no problems. They would like all countries to have a liberal, secular democratic government, with no borders. They would like people to have no friction and a common cause. All good aims, but it goes against the realities of the world. Utopian thinking like that brings us to the situation in Europe.

They want to bring IN a cultural idea that is incompatible with tolerance. They want to open the borders to people from outside the last border of European values. 

Just to add….Corporate capitalists and neo-liberals also want to bring in more and more people to keep the capitalistic system going and their voting base intact.Minorities generally vote for centre left parties. Also, with the lower birthrates of europeans, who will work in the factories and who will consume the products?

That cultural idea that I mentioned above is Islamism (of the wahhabist strain) which wants, like the RegressiveLeft, a workable one world system of government, no racism, universal peace, no borders, a common economic vision and social harmony….but UNDER  Allah, a theocratic fascism that would be unbelievably oppressive.

The Islamists are conservative, of rigid thought and ignorant. They see the western way of life as abhorrent. They rather ghettoize themselves than mix or integrate with that society. 

Now put them in Sweden, a tolerant country that wants to be welcoming. The Swedes will try to accommodate their intolerant views at the expense of their own culture.

Multiculturism is not going to work with people who have a different view of how that multiculturalism is applied. Most Europeans want it under moral, rational values, the conservative islamist wants it from a Holy book.

The way to stop it is to talk about the other culture taking integration seriously. They should be the ones becoming Swedish.  Yet a person who is Swedish, lives in Sweden and expresses this as their point of view within her/his/their Swedishness is seen as a racist. The incomers,who have Islamism as their ideal, are seen as the victims, not the Swede.
This has to change.


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