Multiethnic Societies Can Flourish, but Multicultural Societies Will Collapse

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is just a rough opinion on this video: 

“Multiculturalism has not failed. Islamic culture has failed”- Anon.

Multiculturalism is the bedrock of liberal thinking. It promotes tolerance, fair mindedness and cultural equality. Or so the RegressiveLeft and centralist politicians would have you think.

However, the day that it will collapse is approaching. Multiculturalism will fail due to the imigration of those from the Middle East. This is due to Islam. Islamic culture has failed in the Modern world, specifically the West. It has failed because of its stance on many issues. Islamic culture is generally conservative, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, patriarchal and fascistic in its insistance of making everyone toeing the line.

Having open borders is an objective of international anarchism, which I agree with, but it only works if people are peaceful. We don’t have that situation now. Regulated restricted immigration is common sense. Commonwealth countries and European countries should be at the top of the list. Kurdish refugees, of all faiths, should be allowed. Balochs should be allowed. West Papuan refugees should be allowed. All face discrimination at home. Illegal immigration should not be tolerated.

Many Muslims are leaving harsh regimes of strict Islam, but still want Shari’a law as their guide. This is based on 7th Century thinking and as it is backed up by the Koran, it will hardly change. It is Stagnant and a form of oppressive control. 

How people, mainly the RegressiveLeft, can think this culture can co-exist with a Liberal, tolerant, GLBT rights and women rights giving, free thinking, free speech, secular and liberal democratic society is beyond me. 

It may be time for multi-ethnicism and integration to take the banner away from multiculturalism. If the cultures are similar, for example- commonwealth >< British, then multicultural co existence can work. If the incoming culture can easily blend into the host, then multicultural exchange can work. (Indian cuisine is taken up by British working classes. Cheap and easy food is a common bond.)

Where it breaks down is when a competitive culture comes into the mix. A culture that has a religion, political ideal(islamism) and default conservative foundation will not be happy to play second fiddle to its secular, liberty seeking host.

It will seek to dominate. This is not to say that it is specifically Islam. That it is this particular faith and denominations of it now, is due to historical happenstance. I’m sure if Sikhism was swapped for Islam as the religion of the mass exodus of Middle Eastern immigrants, it too would be seen as I have mentioned above. People would be talking about Sikhophobia, banning temples, etc.

Internal european immigration is also problematic as many these cultures originated in a mono cultural state.  Trying to import 100% Romanian culture into Irish culture would be hard. If you made special exception for Romanians in Ireland, eg, having bilingualism on the traffic signs, it would lead to uproar. One culture would have to dominate or would try to. It would bve a mumbers game. Many cultures in one country produces ghettoification and you do not have multiculturalism. You have multi self seperationism. This is not healthy. A Romanian assimilating and intergrating  to Irish ways is no threat. There would be a comprise by those coming in. They have chosen to come and live there. The host should not compromise. 


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