How do you say “I’m proud to be white”, but not be seen as a racist?

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

You cant. It’s potential risky; as even asking this question in some circles means you’ll be seen as a racist.

It’s not possible to say you are white and proud on many Social Media sites. Maybe if you add “Sorry, sorry” right after….you might get away with it…..might!

Many people say that saying “I’m white and I’m proud” is actually unlike saying “I’m black and I’m proud” as it comes from a place of privilage and a position of assumed dominance. It becomes invalid.I disagree. There’s nothing in the former statement that is racist.

An Australian aborigine spokesperson can say “I’m black, Australian and I’m proud”, doesnt mean he/she hates white people, but an English person (with no bigoted views towads others) saying “I’m white, English and I’m proud” can not. It is automatically assumed that they are EDL, UKiP or BNP. This is identity politics and it has to change.

This is the double standard made by cultural Marxists/ideological sjws…..”Everyone the same…except white people, who must now be lesser, shunned or silenced” Now that is racist! 

If I acknowledge the hurt, pain and suffering that white people have done to other poc, but still say…I’m white and I’m happy to say that my culture has very good points, including equality and ending the slave trade and i’m proud of those people and of those who made contributions to the wider human race(whilst understanding that these people may have been bigots)….do I get a pass?
Probably not! 


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