Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

I hold a different view to many, many people about Crimea. I think it should be in the Russian Federation. I don’t support Putin or the way in which the takeover was done.However, I do think that it is Russian territory. 

Lets go back a bit, just to explain my thoughts.

In 1914, World War One started. Russia was a Empire, had a Emperor and territorial ambitions.By this date Crimea was fully a part of Russia. 

The overthrow of the monarchy was achieved in 1917 and a new government took over. Crimea was still Russian.

Then came Lenin in 1917. An illegal coup called the Bolshevik revolution occurred and the gang of thugs took over. Lenin passed away in 1924 and another thug took up the post. He was called Stalin. He starved the Ukrainian people through his disasterous agricultural policies. Ukraine has always suffered at the hands of Russia, even though it’s the “cradle of the Motherland”. Then came World war 2 and many Ukrainians wanted to overthrow the Bolsheviks and cheered the Germans. After the war, Ukrainian nationalists fought a little known hit-&-run war against Russia.

Crimea was still Russian.

With Stalin dying in 1953 and Khuschev in charge, a gesture was needed to placate the Nationalist Ukrainian diehards.The Communist regime gave Crimea to Ukraine as a way to achieve loyalty. There may have been a rare feeling of guilt in the Kremlin and the giving of land would help alleviate this. 

In my opinion- Crimea was given away by an illegal government. They did not ask the population their view on this high handed decision. 

There should be a fresh referendum under international supervision to decide. Both Ukraine and Russia should agree to the outcome. I believe Crimea would stay within Russia. 


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