Review – The Small Nation Solution

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m of the opinion that the World and humanity will be better of if we all agree to downsize nation/states. The concentration of power and wealth in the larger countries is detrimental to the peace, ecology and stability of this planet. 

Smaller states with Democratic communalistc governments will benefit all of humankind. EcoHumanism would be advocated for the benefit of the planet.

Russia, for example would become several states. China would not have Tibet as a province and the USA, at the very least, would not have California as a Federal state.

These states would be free and independent:



West Papua





Basque country

There would be more mini states anbd micro nations created. 

Europe would not be a United Superstate, but rather a Confederation of peaceful trading nations.

What would be the optimal size of these states?

The link above speaks of 15 million, but I would rather see the natural size of the nation as being on a par with the largest Shire of the UK.

How would these states survive economically?

The would survive quite well as the economy would be grass roots and locally based. Excess produce would be traded with those who need it.

Are you advocating a low tech agrarian utopia?

No, use of solar energy, wave technology and wind powder would be used. Off grid would be a watchword, yet futurism and TransHumanism would be fully embraced.
Small is beautiful. 


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