“STEVE SHIVES VS TOXIC ATHEISM ♦ Time to educate ourselves! #FuckCults”

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

#FuckCults #BlockedBySteve
I hope Steve’s channel withers away, his twitter shrinks to nothing and he finally rage quits all social media.

He’s also a man that’s frightened that his ideological feminist wife will leave him, if he doesn’t deconstruct his masculinity. His recent videos reflect that fact. He’s a shadow of his former self, the one that made the earlier atheist only videos(which I liked).

If I ever said that I’d consider re-following him…..I’ve finally decided not to do so. 

Shives* gives atheism and classic feminism** a bad name.

*Shives is the Herpes of Ideological Feminism. Once you catch his particular strain, you aint never going to get it out of your system!

It is actually sexist(against men) and racist(against whites) and therefore Regressive.

In Steve’s world (I reckon) being a white male automatically deposits -150 feminist points on your acceptability status. 

** part of the pursuit to gain Gender Egalitarianism. The infant 4th wave intersectional, gender inclusive and sex positive feminism is actually the 1st wave of Gender Egalitarianism/Gender-blind meritorious humanism. All 3rd Wave feminists are behind the times. 

#ProFemaleRights #ProMaleRights #ProEquality 


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