Gender Pay Gap ….IS caused by men!

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yes it is! 

Here’s a simple example that it IS caused by men. (Created from personal experience)

Dave is 23. Single. 5ft 8in. Drinks a few beers a week. Lives with parents and has no children or siblings.

Mary is 23. Currently single. 6ft 2in. Works out regularly. Lives with brother and two older sisters.

They both join Purple Plastics Ltd. A firm that makes plastic parts for various industries.

They are both paid £7:90 per hour. Both have 25 days holiday p.a. Both are required to work 40 hours a week. Both are in the office.

They both start work on Monday  January 16th, 2—

Dave in his first week does 40 hours. So does Mary. They take home the same pay.

The following week. Dave is asked to go out on the shop floor to get a bit of training, so he can answer questions on the phone from customers. It requires heavy lifting. The female manager thinks “he’ll be okay! Might even help shrink his beer belly!”  He does 40 hours plus 6 hours overtime on the Saturday. The overtime is set at time plus half the hourly rate.

Mary does 40 hours that week. She has to go to the cinema on the weekend and has the philosophy of “you work to live, not live to work”

The next week is the same.

Following week, Dave does more overtime.10 hours this time.He’s become a “Company man”. Mary takes one hour off to help her brother move some items from their parents house. This is a favour by one male manager. She does 39 hours. That same male manger refuses Dave a half day, as its “too short notice”. The factory policy is to make requests one day in advance, via holiday form.

Mary has a bad couple of days the following week. Cramping pains and heavy bleeding reduces her hours to 20. Dave has a heavy cold. Sweating and shaky, he still comes in. His female workmates joke about ‘man flu’. This happens once more during the year.

Three weeks later Dave completes his overtime on the 31 machines that churn out the mouldings. He’s exhausted. Thinks about taking a day off, but workmates are going to a stag do straight after work.So he doesn’t.

Mary goes to a function with her sisters. Takes a day off.

The following week is normal. Both are paid the same and both take off 2 official days.

Mary has done no overtime and, apart from the period pain and function, not had anymore unofficial days off.

They both do 40 hours a week for a couple of weeks.

Mary meets a nice guy and begins dating. She has a few days off to go places with him. As she is not in work, she is not paid for the half-hour break time. This is a factory policy. Dave, still single, does a few hours overtime on a Saturday night.

Mary is pregnant!  Later in the year, she has time off for hospital vists and a potential early birth scare. As per factory rules, she takes home the Statutory wage for sickness and maternity. (About 73% normal wages)

Both Mary and Dave are paid the same on the previous weeks and when Mary comes back to work. Mary is allowed to go one a bit earlier on Fridays. For a couple of weeks, she does 38 hours. She does one Saturday overtime of 4 hours to make up the hours and loss of that weeks pay.

Dave & Mary are asked to do a Sunday(Double time) and 6 hours. Mary declines. Dave, after a hangover, comes in and does 5 hours and 15 minutes.

They do 40 hours the following week. Dave is currently not using up his holiday entitlement. If he does not use up the days, the holidays are either carried over into the next year (+5 maximum) or lost. Dave later takes 2 days off….but still hasn’t used up the 25 days. He still has a couple left. Mary uses up all the days and is in fact in receipt of 26 days, due to a clerical mixup. 

They meet for the first time at the Xmas party, but say very little to each other. Dave is an atheist and Mary is a Creationist Christian. Dave thinks “She’s tall. Nice looking”. Mary thinks ” what a scruffy man! Typical nerd!”  

At the following January 16th, Youtube feminists add up both wages as part of a random study. The factory has published some figures on a Trade website. Just Basic figures on what people have earned. There is a footnote explaining the equality of pay policy and rates of the overtime. The main thrust of the website is how the company has gone strength to strength. It’s basically an advertisement. The one photo of the managers doesn’t show a single female. There are 4 men in the picture. The photo has been taken by one female manager and the two other women were on a course about improving the workplace for women. The main shareholder, a woman, was sitting down off to one side in a cast holding the factory policies, which she had a hand in writing. The Trade website edited her out for photo size requirements.

The feminists(ideological and not academically trained in business studies) fail to take this into consideration. They are Googling the internet to find figures to back up an idea for a video about modern day inequalities that they had for a few weeks. They focus on the amount, not the circumstances. Dave and Mary are seen as the typical worker type.

“Mary is paid less than Dave” is the finding(Surprise, surprise!).A Youtube video by a feminist atheist YouTuber in a hangout sets out their findings. On inspection, Mary is paid less than Dave for the same job! Gasp! Gender Pay Gap exists! “Look how bad it is for the woman!” is the videos title. They champion Mary, even though, unknown to them, Mary is a traditionalist and thinks feminism is abhorrent.

Dave is made a symbol of patriarchal norms, even though he’s a Gender Egalitarianist and goes to feminist meetings. Dave has the same job as Mary, but Mary is paid less, as she’s a woman. The mangers are all misogynistic.

A couple of egalitarianist atheists challenge the findings and even though they aren’t strident MRAs, they are called misogynistic and blocked.

Mary looks like she is paid £7:25. Dave is paid more, ” as he’s a man!”

[Remember…. Both were paid the same!]

The Gender Pay Gap IS caused by men;

-When they work more hours

-Take less time off

-Struggle through illness, when in work.

-Have no outside responsibilities

-Enjoy their work

and lastly, feminists badly explaining statistics and perpetuating a sexist half-myth!

There are laws in the West that prohibit discrimination and anti-maternity policies by greedy companies. Many feminists looking at bare figures do not allow for the different circumstances that cause the supposed male preference and difference in pay. I admit that woman are paid less, but you have to consider what they are paid for. A construction worker will be paid more than a secretary.

If a man and a women are both capable and have the same job description…both should have £7:20 or $8:50 or whatever, for that job! A woman has the right to challenge any other set up. A woman who has the ability to use existing laws to challenge discrimination and win the case, with full apologies and financial compensation is not under patriarchy. This is not the case in other countries of the World. 

Gender parity is required in the workplace. Egalitarianism between genders is very important.

It is well known that women may cause financial difficulty to companies, especially the smaller factory and aren’t hired. To not admit this would be dishonest. From a business point of view…a man working 60 hours is more valuable to them than paying an agency to provide a worker to cover for a woman who was previously single, but now married with school runs that take her home from work an hour early and she may be on maternity leave! 

Simple economics. Not patriarchy and misogyny.

This blog is not an in depth look at this subject. It is just my impression of what does happen on Youtube. 


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