How many Genders?

Posted: September 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

I think there are 3.

Is there just the 2?

Or is 3 the maximum?

Or 56+ maximum? (& Are we talking biological Gender, identity or sexuality?)

NoYesMaybeNot. (All 3, but separately connected)

And in that split convoluted answer is how I approach this entire subject.

There are;

Male=1st Gender.

Female=2nd Gender.

Trans=3rd Gender; having elements of male and female biological and neurological and societal characteristics..

Breaking it down;

Male- self explanitory. Male mind matching male body with a variable spectrum on their sexuality(who they want to fuck)

Female- self explanitory. Female mind matching female body with a variable spectrum on their sexuality.

Trans- self explanitory, but 4 subsuts and with a variable spectrum on their sexuality. Also, they have expressed their strong desire to transition to a psychologist and/or doctor and are currently undergoing hormone therapy.

The idea that these are men or woman who just suddenly dress up in the clothing of the opposite sex and start using toilets not of their biological genitalia is ludicrous. People with an overwhelming feeling that their inner gender identity does not match their biological makeup are an established fact. They do feel that way. They want to change and are in a true mental anguish. Their actual deed poll change of name indicates their process to transition.

Subset 1=Transwomen are people with female specific brains and are males(biologically male) who now have a chest with breasts, yet still have dicks. Currently receiving treatment with hormones.

Subset 2=Trans-women are people with female specific brains and are males(biologically male) who now have a chest with breasts and surgically altered genitals. Effectively no different to an infertile woman with a possibly larger physical frame, but not always the case. With early transition…many transwoman are equally feminine as biologically born females. Many are absolutely stunning and it would be terribly difficult to tell that they were born with male genitals and characteristics. Currently receiving treatment with hormones and employ a daily dilation tool.

Subset 3= Transmen are crossing the other way and have the ability to have children. Transmen are people with male specific brains and are female(biologically female) who now have a chest with no breasts, yet still have a vag. Currently receiving treatment with hormones to increase hairiness and muscle development.

Subset 4=Transmen are people with male specific brains and are female(biological female) who now have a chest with no breasts and no ovaries, womb and surgically altered genitals. They are effectively no different to an infertile man. They may have a smaller frame than biologically born males, but there’s variation amongst men, so they can be indistinguishable from a biologically born male. Currently receiving treatment with hormones to maintain testosterone levels.

Various sexual relationship connections can be made in amongst these subsets and all power to them. This is where the expansion of 56+ gender inclusive labels comes in, that are so bewildering to the Alt-right and Christian conservatives. This progressivenress blows their black|white ‘Gender is your genitals’ mentality out of the water! These people want to push and maintain their religious based authoritarian outlook on others due to their innability to stop meddling. Many think hurricanes are gods wrath on gayness?! Fuck them!

For them to be in consensual, lawful relationships is enough for me. The rest is their own business. They can say that they are a “Post Gender normalitive, trans hetro pre-Cis lesbian, bisexual dating, polygamy based mature bi-racial trans man with a penis and breasts and is called Xr Susan NorWOman” for all I care, ‘cos all I’ll ask is “in your relationship(s), are you happy?”.

 For myself, I would not date a transman of any subset. Even though they may possess a vagina(subset 3 & 4), they identify as male.  I would not date a transwoman, who still has male genitalia. I would not date a older, heavy set transwoman who had completed gender reassignment. I would only date a very feminine (trans)women, who had completed her transition.

But that’s just my take upon it. Not phobic, just a case of ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and I have my own set of LoveRules! I may be a bit antiquated in my thinking, but if you have meat and two veg or you’re built like a brick shithouse with a voice that Barry White would be jealous of…I’m not going to really want to date you anytime soon! (Also, I’m in a stable relationship.)

Gender identity* and sexuality is fluid, variable and across a spectrum. Depending on what gender identity politics you sign up to, you could count 56+ genders or only 2, but for me….the above is just it.

3 genders, with 4 subsets within the 3rd and with a simple spectrum on the choice of sexuality within those 3 genders.(gay, bi/curious or straight)

And no more than that!

British #GreenParty 

How would I address Trans women and men?

Him, He, His, Mr. man √ the correct way.

Her, She, Ms, Miss.female √ the correct way.

I would address them as such, if i had noticed their trans status, which is, in many cases, very hard to do and after I had asked how they would prefer to be addressed.

….but if they wanted to have no definitive gender assigned….hmmm?

Honestly, I’d have three thoughts;

1- they are being a pissant! Tell them to “fuck off” for being so difficult. I’d continue to use Trans as a legitimate appellation, so maybe it would be The trans, this trans, that trans, those trans, these trans**

2- Xim, xer, xhe, xis if I was writing about them in general. I may not be bold enough to try to use these terms in conversation.
** not “tranny” or “trannies”.

3- Non binary identities exist and are valid. Personal choice should be respected. They could use their own idea, but I’d introduce them as Intersex. 

It would also depend on how they said it. If it seemed pretentious, I’d say so.

This blog is not about Intersex or Hermaphrodites. Testosterone flushes at between 6 & 8 weeks gestation is the possible cause of this humans disease/malfunction. 

No credit for the photo. Screenshot by me.


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