“Steve Shives”

Posted: September 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yes, yes….I know….i’m sharing another video about Shives. The reason is…..he’s a waste of time, but people take an interest in him. I want the “atheist community” to see him and his ilk….for what they are:



Creationist-like thinkers

Block happy


And NOT the people to follow if you want to embrace egalitarianism, gender parity or rational, freethinking atheism. 
Did you notice I didn’t even mention Atheism+ or Regressive? I should have, but the above is enough to say “Nope! I ain’t following him anymore!”

I believe that only when his channel fails or his twitter following fades will he see the sense in what people are saying. I hope he changes and reinvents himself. 

Good video and not a rare story. #BlockedBySteve 


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