Watch a man do anything but be serious and answer the question!

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

What a cop out!

Watching this only confirmed my opinion that he’s not worth listening to. Well, okay then…. maybe a little, if I’m extremely generous and the wind is blowing south easterly.

A Gay christian (let’s forget Leviticus 18:22 shall we?) he already stands in a contradiction. You can see his anti-feminism and anti-atheism comes from a right wing, traditionalist, reactionary, faith-based viewpoint. Obviously, he’s going to be against progressive values.

A pampered popinjay* indeed. Why liberal, non Regressive atheists give him a free pass is almost beyond me?

Atheists are victims….they are closeted in the Bible belt and Bangladeshi secularists have died!

His assertion that all journalists are atheists is a deflection. Catholic Herald and Jewish Times would disagree! 

All kinds of bad things happen to you when you declare that you’re a theist…yes, like facing up to the ludicrous beliefs that you hold. Like presenting cognitive dissonance on the big issues.

His response at [timestamp] is to attack the appearance of a stereotypical atheist. Atheists, like Christians, come in all shapes, dear boy! Haven’t you noticed? 

The only thing he may have going his way is his stance on Free Speech, which benefits us all.

Perhaps it’s that alone coupled with watching his car crash Social Media appearances that people follow him. If you actually cleave to his way of thinking…fuck off!

 *Wanting to be the Centre of attention much? 

On Atheism;

The first question to him should be

What convinced you that there’s a god? What actually made you think there’s a god sitting in judgement upon you?

If he says his parents- bad start.

If he says his church teaching him- bad start.

If he says he has a feeling there’s something there- continued befuddled thinking!

If he says rationally thinking and comparing all religions- wrong!

If he says Pascal’s wager- debunked

If he says Kalam Cosmological Argument- also debunked

He has the Burden Of Proof. He goes the further claim. To back his bible(full of claims) up, he has to provide evidence of a universal Deity and then prove That particular deity is indeed His particular god. The bible is not evidence. Science doesn’t look for god. He’s only got personal experience (dubious) or a logical, rational, philosophical rebuttal and explanation of god left and i’ve never heard of one that will do that!

That he fails on this simpliest of questions means his thinking is slightly tarnished, in my humble opinion. 

Instead of answering, he talks about how thin skinned atheists are! So what..answer the bloody question about why you think there’s a god!

As for provocateur…. You cause a fuss, then walk away, leaving other people to explain your motives and thoughts which, if they seem superficially sound, you’ll adopt as your own.Taking the piss out of everybody… much the picking of the low fruit! 

“Oh, look at him!” 

“Oh , listen to her!”

If you want to do social observation in a funny way…become a Stand-up! He can then continue taking the piss out of himself…to everyone elses amusement! 

He’s no different to the posh kids in a school, who befriend a poor kid, show him the nice houses and cars that they enjoy and then talk maliciously and scathingly about them behind his/her back. “Oh my god, did you see his shoes?, “Did you see the way he talks?”….& then ignore them when they try to interact again! “Why do you think i want anything to do with YOU?” *Snooty condescending bitchy fucks! They get a kick out of treating people badly because they know they have charisma, connections and charm enough to get out of being told off!


“You’re in high school again! No recess!”

* yes, I’ve had my fair share of seeing and experiencing these people.

Chip on my shoulder? Hmmm, maybe! Accurate….yes. 


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