Unassailable Atheism

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Firstly, if you are a believer in a god or gods…..fuck off!

Fuck off with the god or gods that you believe in!

You lost the battle. You haven’t won the war.

Atheism is Unassailable. 

The war of Atheism Vs Theism was won. By us. #Atheism and #Atheists.

We have the LOGIC • REASON • FACTS.

We also have the fossils, the DNA evidence and even the Scientific consensus.

There are no gods that you can think up that can survive our questioning.

There are no gods.Logically speaking and by using reason. Factually, they do not exist outside of your mind. All they are – wishful thinking. Imaginary. A poor attempt to recolain the world.

Wake the fuck up!

To explain- 

An example, 2+2=4. This is what I say to you. 1+1+1+1=4 . You say 2+2=4&God. 1+1+1+1=4&God. After I say “What the Fuck are you on about?”, you say that the numbers have a Creator.”Ok” and taking a deep breath, I say “As you go the additional claim that there is something else, the Burden of Poroof is on you. You can’t say “nuh, uh! God exists outside time and space, i dont have to!” Because that god, for you to know of its existence, must have interacted within this Universe to have convinced you that it is there.

You now must provide evidence of this Single, Omnipresent Deity and then prove that S.O.D is indeed YOUR particular god.

The Holy book you hold as inerrant is not evidence. Let’s get that fucking out of the way. They are CLAIMS.No more and no less.

http://www.Evilbible.com http://www.1000mistakes.com show that they are full of contradictions, lies and mistakes. You can’t use biblical scripture! The Koranic verses have been dissected thoroughly over the centuries.These books are full of human traits being placed upon this fatherly figure that it is beyond denseness to claim otherwise. The god is jealous, vindictive, vain, capricious, genocidal… you know, everything that humans are.

That another human has to tell you of this god, for you to actually start believing, explains a great deal.

 So, what would your evidence involve. It would be something so overwhelmingly obvious that it was not from this universe to make everything superfluous.

Has humanity witnessed that? No. How can I prove that? Just look at all the thousands of religions that have been created by humankind. If it was glaringly obvious, then there would be one true religion.

You have evidence? Then why aren’t you world famous? Humanity has been searching for the Ultimate truth….where is it?

You have no evidence, otherwise you would have shown it!
Fuck off, you delusional idiot! Holy rolling dunce! 


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