“Steve Shives “It’s just a JOKE!”

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Good video here about Shives. If you aren’t unfollowing him, I’d consider doing it now…right now…after reading this blog.Do it! Reduce his subscriptions to 10,000. He might get the message that he is a divisive figure in “the atheist community” that he claims to speak for and actually change his mind about a couple of things.

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Shives, from my extensive observations, does treat feminism, or at least his presentation of it, as a religion and yes…. he’s a cult figure, with creationist-like followers.. 

Feminism is not a monolithic bloc. There are strands that agree on many things, but also feminists who disagree with each other. Example- prostitution. Some feminists say it is dehumanizing and a symptom of patriarchal, misogynistic rape culture. Then other feminists,(less prudish and puritanical)will say it’s feminism absolutely defining what it is better to see in society. A sex positive, gender inclusive (if a lesbian or bisexual,+5 fempoints), economically independent and strong woman.

Misandrious feminists? exist.

Classic feminists? exist.

FeministsForThunderfoot? Er…probably not!

Does Steve Shive-ian feminism exist?

Possibly. He wants the usual 3rd wave intersectional/humanistic, libertarian gender inclusive, religious patriarchy and marital rape busting feminism. Problem is, his strand, his rewriting of, his version comes across as ideological, censorious, malicious,over enthusiastic sycophancy and IQ shaming, possibly imposed feminism too!

Ideological- he assumes every utterance from his culty white feminism is 100% correct. I’ve not seen a video where he corrects Kristi Winters.

Censorious- he says “it’s to keep out the assholes”, but its noticed that critics of his views are also blocked out!

Malicious- Laughing Witch and her letter campaign against ThunderFoot. Nuff said!

Sycophancy- have you heard Kevin Logan when talking about Jenny McDermott and Anita Sarkessian? FapFapFap! 

IQ shaming- have you read Youtube comments left by Winters? A man had dyslexia and she ridiculed him, when he struggled to explain himself.Constantly using her “academic” position to impose a narrative of argument from authority.

Imposed-His wife’s views seem to be dominant in his relationship.
The majority of “anti feminists” are people who want equality, but not through feminism to the exclusion of all other opinion. Am I being unfair towards his wife’s supposed controllingnes? 

It’s not just me that has noticed. A now infamous video of him and his wife(Ashley, I believe) was mirrored- screenripped comments(Both in public domain) 

Here endeth the lesson! 


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