Gender Egalitarianism is not Anti-Feminist

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

What do Gender Egalitarianists want? Equality for Women and men.

What do Feminists* want? Equality for Women with men.

What do Anērists want? Equality for Men with women.

Feminists will advocate their ideas. Anērists will advocate their ideas. Compromise, on both sides, should come easy. Their ultimate aim of equality is a shared one.

For example- You need to hold both women and men up to the Same standards and on their merits to choose who is the most capable. If the woman fails to make the grade…she should not then claim it was patriarchy that held her back. Likewise for men, who would claim preferential treatment as the reason why he failed. It has to be meritorious and seen to be meritorious.

It is easier to gain this equality,  if you are gender egalitarianist and support both ideas.

I’m not an anti-Feminist. I’m not an anti-Anērist.

I’m not misandrious, I don’t think I am or misogynistic, I definitely try my best not to be. If I think MRAs criticising the looks and not the content of a feminist video is sexist, then I’d say so. If i think feminist mugs with “Drinking male Tears” is Sexist, then I’d also comment upon it. You want equality, don’t start complaining when you get called out…male or Female.

Okay- what about (misogynistic) MRAs and (Misandrious) Feminists?

I think both want the situation of this gender tension to continue….they benefit and get a kick out of it too much, to let it stop.

Just watching the YouTube dramas and clash of personalities is evidence of this.

To counter this,we need more activists. More people who identify as Egalitarianists. Put it in your bio or Facebook description. You also need to highlight the ideologues.To question them until they concede or block. Challenge their narrative and don’t be put off by being called an ‘ist’ or a “phobe”.

One day, equality will come, but only by more people become a stronger voice.

Be part of an Equality movement.



Uber feminists in Europe seem to want to emulate the USA.They will talk about the Gender Pay Gap and Stare rape, but due to many of them being RegressiveLeft in their outlook, they will say “Refugees welcome” and allow members of conservative theocratic midset with very Antiquated views into Europe.


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