A mix of memes and comments

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’d say that you are probably correct. At some point all the ‘isms’, including #Anērism that Feminists are taking on will make it an equality movement. Which happens to already exist in Gender Egalitarianist, intersectional, meritorious, non-racist, non-sexist, non-agist and inclusive Humanism.

In fact, feminism is a splinter movement OF Humanism and Gender Egalitarianism.

Very true. Many people think atheism is a faith and/or as religion.

It’s a religion like baldness is a hair colour!

“Atheist. Humanist. Rationalist. Star Wars fan. Science nerd. Scorpio”

Whenever I see a bio like this, I think how he looks!

And mosques and temples…..

Agree 100%.

That’s what it is. It’s like a German opening an Aschwitz encounter park with fun rides (The Oven Slide) and info on how the camp commanders lived righteous lives. The lives of the drowned aren’t even considered. No empathy at all. Ken Ham comes across as creepy. ‘Come and visit my homage to my genocidal god. You’ll love it!’

*Head explodes

It is. Just a set of ideas. If you criticise a universal religion with white, brown, black and olive-skinned converts …you aren’t a racist! If you happen to to be bigoted towards Muslims, then you are Muslimophobic.

The idea that a tyrannical, warlike god gave eternal land rights to a Hebrew tribe is ludicrous.

Okay, fair enough, you can say Israel is a successful and generally good(I’m talking separately from all the troubles), democratic nation with #GLBT rights and such, but the premise that underpins that nations existence – “Given by God” -is wrong.

Imagine if a Cathar revival happened and they said we want to create our own Cathar nation in France, but separate from France, because god commanded it. They would be laughed at! 

Religious based colonialism in an area (Judea and Samaria) which is internationally recognised as part of someone elses area is still colonialism. 

The original hebrew tribes-A religious group attacking and oppressing people and hurling women into sexual slavery. An imposition of religious based law. A patriarchal, misogynistic, slave owning society.

Fast forward

2016-A religious group attacking and …well…it’s ISIS! 

The original conquest of Canaan was as bad as the recent Theocratic Fascism that’s in Syria and Iraq. Only time and clinical historical appraisal distances us from the victims. 


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