“Triggering Trannies”

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

I consider myself on the Left. I don’t have conservative(,Tory, neo-con, neo-liberal) values, I’m not about keeping christian tradition, i would not support greedy capitalism, i don’t want to keep state religion ..etc, but I would not use the word “Conservative” as a slur.

Social Justice Warriors (#NotAllSJWs) do use “You’re a Conservative!” as a shorthand for racist, white, privileged and sexist. 

Not so easy when that Conservative is a person that Social Justice Warrior’s “naturally support”. The GLB and transgender communities are ones that I support. I’ve actually made a point of tweeting Transgender videos, not as virtue signalling, but to highlight the outcast element that both Atheists and Transgendered people share. I also do it for a point of information. I’m proud to say I have a number of Transgendered internet friends that I talk to on a regular basis. I have many transgender atheists following me on Twitter. 

The Social Justice Warriors do have important issues to highlight, but they are pushing a 100% left agenda…and fortunately*…the world isn’t made for agreement.

Accusations of “Sellout” come quickly. Insults come quickly. The ‘Them Vs Us’ mentality is very strong in SJWs. Discussion and compromise will win this world…..haven’t we had enough of political , social and religious tribalism? 

People have different views…get over it!

* is deliberately said fortunately, cos if I said unfortunately, I think I’d be very authoritarian in my view point.


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