The Clash of Islam and Liberalism

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

If a particular Muslim is conservative, wishes to enable Shari’a Law, a theocratic fascism in all but name and is dismissive of democracy, free speech, GLBT rights, equality of the genders and wants these ideas to flourish in Western countries, then I oppose his views.

How can I be toletante of a intolerant belief that would take my tolerant society away from me? I can’t.

I could try to change this persons ideas through argument and criticism, but if he (it’ll probably be a he) sees me, an atheist and a democrat, as pretty much an enemy…then it is a lost cause. The solution is to ask..”If you disagree with all of what we stand for, why are you here?”

There could only be 3* answers;

1- I want to change here to how I lived in an Islamic country.

2- If I go back, I’ll be imprisoned for my views, by heretical(meaning they do business with the UK, USA and France) Muslim governments. 

3- economic or refugree reasons.

If it is 2 & 3, then I guess until the prove themselves destabilising or seen to never be in regular employment, the (false)liberal RegressiveLeft hegemony will allow them to continue.

If 1, then he’s a Jihadist/Islamist and would have to leave.

Do you agree?

* I can only think of three.

It seems to many that Africa can be for Africans, China for the Chinese, the Middle East for Arabs, but Europe is for everyone?

Is it because the Europeans colonized other countries and this is Karma?

A person who says “A Europe for the Europeans and “no more Islamic teaching” is immediately labelled by Left leaning democrats as a racist and Islamophobe, but they are just a person saying that s/he doesn’t want to see his/her countries traditions being diluted and a foreign ideology, that has a tendency to be authoritarian, introduced into their society and that religion is not a race. They mention nothing of colour or of race…yet they are called these labels.

Why? Is it to silence them?

Why is it that someone or some group/race who tries to preserve a unique culture(think aboriginal people of Australia or the Samis of Northern Norway/Sweden)  it is applauded, but when it’s a European culture, then it’s racist?

Double standards much? 

Or an agenda to create a left wing internationalist socialist egalitarianist utopia with no sexism, gender discrimination or racism.In effect, another Soviet Union, but a Western one? 
This blog is just thoughts. (thinking out loud) 


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