Steve Shives IS The Joke”

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another video highlighting why even the Feminist and atheist community should disown and distance themselves from Shives. He lives inside his colon! I mean, he’s not only up his own ass…he’s moved in and has a sofa, a table,chairs* and has ordered for pizza!

I’m a official Anti-SteveShivesVIDEOS account.

I’m not against him, just disagree strongly with his thinking. 


*4 in total- for him, Kristi Winters, Kevin Logan and Steve’s Wife.

The Mad** Feminist Tea party! Steve will ShivesSplain everything(checking that his wife allows it) and the nodding donkey will agree! Then they will fap discreetly to images of a destitute and naked Thunderfoot in a cardboard box and The Amazing Atheist being led away by the Thought police!! 

 ** misandrious and divisive 


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