Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Can other people of colour be racist towards whites?

1-A white person can say racist things towards blacks.Check.

2-An Asian person can say racist things towards blacks.Check.

4-An Asian person can say racist things about whites.Check.

5-A black person can say racist things about Asians.Check.

6-A black person can say racist things about whites.Check, except the USA* and perhaps Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

So, PeopleOfColour can say racist things about whites.Check.

Have I ever had racist things said about me or to me?

No, and if I did…I’d probably walk away. I’d be too liberal to say anything back. That shit can land yor ass in jail brother! 

Glad that’s sorted.

*In the USA, if you speak of racism…it’s never taken as Black on White racism or Latino racism upon blacks or Upper class black person being  racist against the Ghettoized blacks, who have a gangster lifestyle and “Respect me or die” mentality, but its always inferred to be White racism upon blacks, Mexicans or Koreans.

The legacy of Southern Slavery? I’m guessing it is.

White guilt about this issue by white people from the North and in states that didn’t even exist then….nonsensical. The Slavers, true Uncle Toms and perhaps the White children of the Slavers are the only people that had any reason to feel guilty. The ones that did it,enabled it, supported it and turned a blind eye to it. If you take on white guilt for the bad things that white ancestors did…..everyone can just hit you for it and you’ll have to say “sorry, sorry, so sorry” for every blow that they give you!

White masochistic Punchbag that you are!

(Errr is that racist? If it is…fuck you..I’m using my White Privilege Card to be racist against whites! Fuck! You!)

Are we still hitting the German 18year old for Hitler’s crimes? No.

Are they still apologising for the Battle of the Ardennes 1944-1945? No.

I agree 100% that the current discussion in the USA is 99% about white racism.

What causes it? Idk much about it. 

There ARE white racist cops shooting innocent blacks with gun permits.

There are scared cops (“I want to go home and see my wife and kids,at the end of this shift”) that shoot first.

Those scared cops are worried about “black people will pull a gun upon you!!!” as the papers/media continuously say.

White guilt is virtue signalling and harmful to a meaningful resolution.

I personally don’t know enough about this. I’m whitesplaining as it is!

After #BlackLivesMatter can we have #InnocentLivesMatter? 
Just to say…there is only one race+— the human race!.Colour is a thing you re taught. 


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