Atheists for Odin? : Why the Northern tradition has an appeal to many of the godless. 

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Why do I support the Asatru Community? Aren’t I an Atheist?

Yes, I am an atheist. I believe that there are no gods, because there is no evidence of gods. Once you take that step, the rise to reason, then you are on your way to reality.

Atheism is only the Gateway to Reality. Once you walk through the Gateway, you should put aside atheism. 

What do I mean “put aside atheism”?

Well, you can’t live your life as an atheist! I mean, do you go shopping as an atheist? {Look! Theres a godless banana*, I’ll shall have to buy that!) Do you meet up with people to celebrate the nothingess of the gods? {Oh, great nothingness, thank you for my life as a evolutionist Dawkinite!)

I don’t.

Atheist is often used as a shorthand for a person of a (1)liberal, feminist, centre left, pro-GLBT rights, pro-abortion, godless humanistic stance. This is not strictly true. There are atheists who are (2)alt-right, conservative, anti-feminist and not in favour of abortion. Then there are atheists who can be (3)nihilistic in their thoughts and who live a very hedonistic lifestyle.

The point is once you are an atheist, you can move on into reality to decide How you want to live your life.

Many decide to become a person who has the outlook of (1) or of (2) or of (3) and then there are many more who embark on a journey of discovery within philosophy and secularism, the position that you accept freedom of religion and freedom from religion and the separation of religion from government. Many ex-christians want a philosophical foundation for themselves and their new lifestyles.Many do not want to start from scratch. Imagine that you have realized that the christian religion you have been following all your life is based on lies. You’d not want to follow many of its practices and codes of conduct again. You’d want something slightly better, but you are now an atheist. What do you stand for now? How do you structure your life?

Christianity is a slave mentality. Bowing your head and living in fear of judgement from a loving god that would send you to an infinite place of torture for a finite “sin”! 

You obviously want to distance yourself from that mess. You no longer want to challenge it, but live alongside it, as you are secularist. They believe what they want, but don’t impose it upon me!

Where do you go? You want something modern. You want something with a community. You want something that allows you to develop again. You also want to mark the passing of time, as all humans do. These occur in many traditions throughout the year.

You desire some foundation. (Asatru Folk Assembly is a newer movement that The Ring of Troth inspired)

A foundation can be met by the philosophical traditions behind religion. To follow the guidelines of many traditions would seem to be a bit of a pick-n’-mix, but appropriation has been going on for centuries. Christianity stole Christmas/Yule from the Pagans dontcha know? 

As mentioned above, they may be of a liberal and humanist or a conservative and humanist viewpoint and want live their lives accordingly.They may go to Sunday assemblies or join non-political humanist groups, but they may also join or believe in other values. Asatru gives you a shape to your life, a good structure and you don’t have to see the gods within Asatru as real, but as Symbolic.

You would become a Pagan Atheist. 

Now, I know there are Asatruists who do ‘see’, have faith in and speak of Odin as real and that Loki genuinely wants to spoil your life, but many understand that Modern Asatru is a reconstructionist movement. Due to the near destruction, by Christians, of pagan places of worship and destruction of the sparse writings, no one can truly say what or how the ancient tradition was practised.

Asatru has roots in the past, but their codes are very modern. Its a tough subject to mention, but even the brief racist, Nazi appropriation of this code has been tackled. There is a Heathens without Hate movement within Asatruism that self-polices itself and they challenge all those who wish to bring that sickness in with them.


In many peoples opinion, Asatruism is more rationally based then any of the Abrahamic religions. Woman are equal in Asatru. Catholic nuns could never be a Father or Pope. Women in Asatru are valued as men are valued. Equally.

Can a non-european or transgender atheist follow the code of asatru?

Have you not read the Sagas? The Gods of the Aseir and Vanir changed shape and colour all of the time! An Odinist temple has been built by a Odinust practioner, who is gay. So, I believe anyone can join or use the teachings as a philosophy in their lives.(They must accept western values to join. Tolerance, acceptance of woman’s rights etc and free speech)

Asatru has also received a huge boost in attention from TV shows and Video Games such as Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom and Oblivion and Skyrim. 

We all live by codes and by the flow of the seasons. Asatruists live by the 9 noble virtues and attend rituals that mark the calendar.(see link above) It harks back to the religions of Scandinavia, Germany and of Northern Britain and Ireland.

To live your life by another countries philosophy is strange, isn’t it? Not really. There are millions of Buddhist atheists. They are atheists who do not believe in the Buddhist theology, nor live in India, Tibet or Japan, yet live by what Buddha taught.

To live your life by an Odin-inspired set of thinking is just the same.

Does that mean there are Atheists for Jesus or Atheists who live their lives based upon the Sermon on the Mount?

Yes, they strip out the theological elements, ignore the obvious god belief and follow the values of non violence, tolerance etc.

Isn’t that just humanism with a guru or guide to follow? 

Yes it is, but Humanism should be seen as a spectrum. Along that spectrum is Asatru.

Heathen Brand designs @ 

I also support Asatru, as it is proving the Abrahamic religion of Christianity, which basically was the “ISIS of Scandinavia” couldn’t keep it down. Asatru temples have been (re)built in Iceland and Denmark.

 Christianity ruined thousands of settlements and uncounted thousands of lives, dividing families and whole communities. It then had the affront to steal pagan practices to ingratiate itself into the Northern European mind. This is why Easter moves around- it’s a pagan moon festival of spring and why we have Christmas trees, even though the bible expressly forbids the hanging of trimmings upon trees.

Christianity is another Middle Eastern Import. It was brought out of the desert by Greeks, transfered to western Europe by the Romans and enforced by tyrants, kings and the Catholic church.

Any atheist who follows the practices of Asatru (still keeping a wary eye on any mention of gods) is helping secularism.

Are there any tensions between faith-based Asatruists and Pagan Atheists?

No, I’d say it’s the reverse. There is a natural alliance. However I do get some banter thrown my way! A person sent me this picture saying I was so interested in Asatru that I should marry it! 

Being sent this was funny.

Funny memes are also a way to connect with each other.

If you follow Asatru, listening to Wardruna (who are good) or Black metal, Viking Metal or Burzum isn’t compulsory! 

( )

I also think Pagan Atheists and Asatruists have very good reason to criticise Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions.They have a commonality of purpose here. Many Christian fundamentalists and Islamists would not tolerate Asatruists or Paganophile atheists. 

The monopoly of Judeo-Christian-based culture is at an end.

Hail Odin…….even if he isn’t real!

#Asatru #Heathens #Pagans #VikingClans 

I would like to thank Daniel { ) and for their help and inspiration for writing this blog. 

* bananas have two things that atheists like;

1- they made a complete fools out of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, when he famously tried to prove Intelligent Design by holding the fruit and explaining how amazing it was made that way to be easy to peel and eat.

What he actually proved is that he’s a fucking idiot! Wild bananas have been cultivated to create our modern bananas and they don’t look intelligently designed at all! 

2- Humans share 50% of our genes with bananas. 


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