“Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!”

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Can’t prove it..

Take my word for it..

Official, I said “Atheist Power” in 1991, in a Christian Union meeting.

I’ve got it as @athe1stp0wer on twitter, but that’s my own in joke and its told in an earlier blog.

What is the 1st power anyway?

“@ the 1st p0wer” is a reference to The Sun being the 1st power.

The Sun being the 1st power.See below.

And all of humanity is reliant upon it.100% Solar powered cities will be in our future.

The Sun shines down upon us all. Other rhythms were based upon its rise and fall(The Earth turns- poetic licence used here!)

Seems obvious to me that if you were going to have a Universal religion, which was non-racist, non-sexist and about love lighting up humanity in equality and justice…..you’d centre it around The Sun and base the codes on Ecohumaist ethics and a peaceful religion like Buddhism or Jainism, with a bit of Taoism and Asatruism thrown in! 

As to who* or what created the Sun, leave it to science or be a bit deistic about it.

In fact, why not call it Solar Ecological Deism. There I’ve SEDite!
*the wrong question will lead to a wrong answer with this one. 


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