“Steve Shives Cowardice Strikes Again”

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

I think my highlighting of Anti-Shives videos ends here.On reflection, I’d never follow Shives again!  He’s too far gone! 

Number 1 -A given and glaringly obvious

Number 2 -He blocked a victim of rape, when she disagreed with him. Nuff said! 

Number 3 -Definitely true.

Number 4 -Yes, I agree. Just watching clips is bad enough.

Number 5 -He wants everything to be done his way. Inflexible.

Number 6 -He does think his feminism is the default position and you can’t criticise its obvious correctness!

Number 7 -He’s a Fan boy.

Number 8 -Drank deeply of the Kool Aid.

Number 9 -True. You can’t be all of these at the same time



C-An Orwellian Feminist

Number 10 to Number 17-All true.

Number 18-not sure here. (Need more info)Sounds about right.

Number 19 A comment from another video(paraphrased) “if Steves puts up with her crap, then the sex must be fucking fantastic!”

Number 22- Darkmatter2525 actually said he’s sorry for giving Shives support and promoting him. 

Numbers 20,21,23,24,25 -Agree.


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