“Burying The Horse”

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Maybe the only way he’ll change his ways is if he starts losing tons of followers on his channel?

How do you get a couple of messages to someone who preblocks you, then wouldt even listen, if he gave you time enough with no intertuption as you explained what you thought of the situation? 

Be more critical of your beliefs!

There’s not one Atheist community.There’s several, they overlap and you don’t and won’t ever speak for 99% of them!

You have your own community. The feminist and atheist community.

The Amazing atheist channel IS bigger than you and WILL always be bigger than you! Get the fuck over it!

Atheism+ part 2 isn’t going to happen! 

Admit, that your wife telling you off as a sexist made you look fucking pitiful. Not as a man either, but as a partner in a one sided relationship.

Consider marrying Kristi Winters…you and her would be perfect…maybe adopt Kevin Logan! 

Stop using the blockbots.

Put your twitter into private mode. Screen out the trolls and haters.

How many times do people have to tell you this? 


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