Blocked again! 

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yup, blocked again! 

Whom was it?

Now why has it happened?

Very short story.I tweeted a picture.

Hillary Clinton getting out of being indicted. The FBI have said “she’s good to go. She didn’t do much wrong and we actually like our kneecaps!”

He decided to comment.

I thought that I’d point out the possible consequences of what she did.

His reply would have disgraced a playground argument.

My reply was accurate. They did not dig deeper.

Anyway, I mention that I’m from the UK, just after he said “& round up all the atheists” and he says “If I’d known that* I woud have blocked you long go.”

And then he blocked me.


1-He’s got a prejudice against British people. That’s not very humanist.

2-He wants to round up atheists. That’s not secular.

3-Blocks people for expressing a different viewpoint. That’s not liberal.

I’d say, unless proved incorrect, that this is a fake account** ,he’s a liar on his bio and/or easily triggered.

I can only add that he probably hasn’t been following long.

I tweet memes.

If you don’t like one of them,….move on, ignore it..I’ll probably tweet something you like very soon. 

Some people aye? 

*I’ve been tweeting about Brexit and UK politics daily! He’s a bit slow on the uptake, if you ask me!

** sock puppet  


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