The blight of REFAS (Regressive Elitist *Feminist Atheist SocialJusticeWarriors)

Posted: June 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

There has been a growing trend of Self righteous, Atheist, Social Justice Warriors, who are (in the main) RegressiveLefties, appearing on Social media.(YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

They share characteristics such as

Focussing on one subject of contention (*Feminism) and linking everything to it.
Cult like behavior.
Self justification.
Deliberately condescending to those they think have less qualifications or lower IQ than themselves.
Self identify as the wronged party.
Silencing the opposition.
Safe space supporters.
Group reinforcement is a matter of fact. Eg; someone will come out with an idea that fits their ideology.Then they will have someone agree and then share it around. Anyone who disagrees and despite earlier solidarity with other issues, will be turned upon, until they agree or become the victim of group blocking.
They have a desire to be so inoffensive that it’s cringe worthy.
Blocking out criticism.
Dismissive remarks to deflect away from the fact that they have no answer.
Thinking their way is the only way.
Thinking the amount of followers they have validates their position.
Adopt a champion that they try to emulate.
Advocate ‘them and us’ attitudes to anyone who will listen and do not accept middle way or nuances.

They may not have all of these, but the main one is blocking out criticism.
It goes like this
They’ll post a YouTube video on a subject.
Someone(B) will disagree.
They’ll post a reply, which will distort what the other person said and proceed to tackle that.
The someone(B) will address this and explain and restate their originalĀ position.
Also, a person(C) who previously supported the YouTuber will agree with the someone(B) and then The YouTuber sees that they have lost the argument, made a fool of themselves or lost credibility and support, double down and indulge an emotional snap judgement by blocking both.
They are only interested in perpetuating their viewpoint. They are not freethinkers, who will sit back and think about what the other person said.

The *Feminism that they expand is not gender egalitarianism, it is more a Marxism for female elitists. While whining about the supposed Patriarchy, they actually want to install a thought controlling matriarchy.


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