White privilege is not a privilege for the poor whites.

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Don’t get me wrong here….I do recognise that privileges exist in white society and they are held to the detriment to any minority in a western nation, but what I’m pointing out is….
White privilege can also be against poorer whites.
To tar lower working class whites with the actions of Upper Class uncouth toffs is an insult!
There is an inner split.
Rich, well educated and good social links held by a person from the right postcode will give that person even more privileges to them than a council estate living, local authority educated citizen of parents with no employment.
The only people who should be scrutinized on White privileges are the rich!


Also, a white person going to, for example, Nigeria, Latin America, China or Japan would be on the receiving end of the people with the privileges.
It’s a universal truth that if you ain’t the same, you may not get treated the same!
If you are offended by this..remember, unless you do something to change the situation by, for example, joining a humanist group or Libertarian socialist party which is proactive in advocating meritocracy, that it doesn’t give you any rights!



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