Feminists are not (one) kind.

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

I hear many people using the word ‘feminist’, as if it covers one monolithic group.
This is incorrect. People should take care,observe and clarify which strand of feminist that they are talking about or identify as.

Part one.
For example- there are people, both men and women, let’s rightly call them Orthodox feminists, who supported 1st wave Feminism, supported 2nd wave Feminism and currently support 3rd wave Feminism, but who do not support the 2nd nuanced position within this new advancement, the position of DBF (Divergent Bastardized Feminism) which i’ll call 3rd wave SJW* Western Feminism.Some may call this position as ‘Femnazism’.
In my opinion and of others,the 1st nuanced position,that of Kurdish** 3rd wave feminism (in actual fact older than 3rd wave by many decades) is the true 3rd wave and is entirely consistent with the Orthodox pathway.
Orthodox Feminism covers many people to varying degrees.Some would be happy to identify up to 2nd wave Feminism and reject any further developments and then again, some may agree with elements of 3rd wave up till the so-called Feminist wars of the 1990s, but they do not agree with the recent ideas and tactics of these (Opinion Fascist and Gender shaming) 3rd wave Western SJW Feminists.


I am a Orthodox feminist, I’m also an Anērist***and I believe together they are covered by the advocacy of Gender Egalitarianism.
It is my claim that seeing feminism as a monolithic group is only enabling the extremes of MRA’s and Femnazis to dictate what it is. My blog will try to separate the strands, so people can be a feminist and defend their position.Clashes will occur when strands of feminists interact and the amount of ‘no true feminist’ accusations increase massively, but out of the discussions, I think Orthodox feminism will emerge as the default and preferred position.There will be people who will seek to undermine Orthodox feminism, which also has divergent positions on subjects within it.
For example – Prostitution; should it be legalised or not?
I posted a viewpoint about being pro legalising prostitution and a 3rdWSJWFeminist put over their opposition and I countered with articles showing sex workers being supported by orthodox feminists and who state they find Sex Work as an empowering action.


The articles support the New Zealand model over the Nordic Model of regulating such activities.
I then got called a “misogynistic pimp enabler” and the sex workers are “victims of patriarchy” and the orthodox feminists are “wrong to the 9th degree”.
The sex workers opinions are therefore dismissed by those who “know better”!
This happened on Twitter.
I am paraphrasing, as they blocked and deleted their tweets.
The tactic that I also observed was the main detractor kept a civil tongue in their head, while her followers upvoted her tweets and ad hominemed me constantly. (& therefore they were not tackling my argument!)

* SJW is Social Justice Warriors. This may seem derogatory of Social Justice. I do not wish this to happen, as many Social Justice issues are important to tackle. When I say “SJW”, it is to highlight, in an ironic way, those who want social justice, but who will lie, distort or block you for challenging them on how they try to implement those issues. Warriors, they are not.
** Kurdish Feminism is explained by Googling Democratic Confederalism or Rojava Revolution. Basically, a feminism that’s not introverted and coming solely from a privileged bourgeois, western, Eurocentric/Americanized viewpoint. Feminism is Universal.
*** Anērist – the non misogynistic, non misandrious Parallel male rights version of orthodox feminism.


Part Two.
It is mildly shocking to me that 3rdWSJWFeminist females will verbally savage females who reject this perpetually enraged circlejerk version of feminism.
Many females are identifying as Anti-feminist or Pro-MRA because of Femnazi rhetoric and vitriol.
Some females(& men) are sadly refusing to identify as a feminist, because they think there is only one type of feminist and it’s this Bastardized version.
While they agree with women getting the vote and agree with women working in all areas of society and want women to have equality with men, they won’t say they are feminists because they equate it with “doing down men”.This is the result of femnazism.

In my opinion and of others, femnazism is the conflation of (position A)-Orthodox feminism {which many agree with) with (position B)- nasty, toxic and, occasionally,misandrious, tactics, raucous criticisms (especially via Youtube videos) about MRA provocateurs, loud shirts, manspreading and video games ((and all this while Kurdish Yezedis are raped, African and Asian women are still treated badly, Islamic clothing fascism exists, FGM culture is carried into Europe and South American women are denied abortions and made criminals****)) to the detriment of (position A). Orthodox feminism loses out, because people see vocal 3rdWSJWfeminists as the mainstream.
Mainstream is something that they are most certainly not.


Patriarchy is no more than the “Old boys network” in political, economic and religious areas. That it also is a monolithic system is also false. Gender specific golf courses are falling by the wayside. There are female CEOs, bankers, Factory owers, female presidents and prime ministers.The Church of England (For Gandalfs’ sake!) has female bishops, which are in contravention to the Bible!

**** I have on several occasions asked Feminists of all strands and genders, via twitter, to avoid replying to the provocative videos of ThunderFoot and Sargon, as it inevitably turns into a toxic tar pit of video Catch-22 replying/counter replying and triggering dramas but they feel they MUST respond for the “benefit of followers”.They feel they MUST have hangouts talking about comments sections. They do not see that both of these experienced Youtubers seek this attention, as it adds to their own channels.They are deliberately provocative.

I ask them to instead talk about the above mentioned topics.
I ask them to do a video about Kurdish female fighters – ignored!
I ask them to do a video about African women’s rights – ignored!
I ask them to do a video about Chinese women mistreated in factories – ignored!
If they are feminist, wouldn’t they want to highlight the abuses around the World and show support?
The counter to my requests is that they “can only do what they can in the area they live” or “YouTube community they can reach out to”. Fair point, but one video about what feminism/female empowerment in Africa or male support for daughters seen by an African woman or a Muddle° Eastern man will do so much more than six videos about gamergate or 4 videos commenting(ranting) about what the last Karen Straughan vlog was about!

Footnote to the Footnote.
°Deliberate misspelling.The Middle East IS a muddle.

Part Three.
The point of this blog is to state there are many strands of feminism and it is not a clear cut subject.
As a Gender egalitarian(Humanist) i accept that this is true and can see nuances, but i claim 3rdWSJWFeminists do not!

They inhabit a black and white world of “them and us”. They have their mantras, buzzwords and even pope-like personalities (on YouTube)…they have the hallmarks of a cult.
The men^ of this cult pick up on the words of the women in the group and repeat. This is how they can escape criticism.
The men of this cult come close to denying their very own masculinity and they are told that it can be “toxic”. (This surely is sexism!)

Trying to explain this often leads to accusations of mansplaining, but 90% the words above are actually a collective viewpoint from FEMALE members of my family and myself, after a discussion.
So this blog is positive femsplaining and thus making any 3rdWSJWFeminist a misogynist if they criticise it!

^ personified by Steve Shives. A man so circumcised by Femnazism that expressing his preference of an Angel(TV series) character received a public and serious rebuke of “you are a sexist” from his wife.(Seen on Youtube).I can only say that the dynamics of that relationship, admittedly via this brief interaction, looks seriously skewed!


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