This is just my opinion***, a plee to Steve and my experience of being in his group. I do not condone SteveTrolling.

I’ve been (what I thought at the time) a internet friend of Steve Shives for a good while. Perhaps 3 years?  It’s so long ago that I can’t remember and I think he was one of the first YouTube atheists to follow me back.

I liked his early atheist videos.Still like them actually.  I tweeted them occasionally on my Twitter account. I often Retweeted and #FF’d (Follower Friday) him. I was also following and followed by Steve on Facebook.I considered myself an ally of sorts.

His early explanations of 3rd wave feminism was not a concern to me as I am a Gender egalitarianist. I am both a classic feminist and Anērist(Rights for men, not be confused as MRA (Men’s Rights Advocates, who can be misogynistic) I saw his position as legitimate and instep with promoting equality.Though I did tweet him about doing more videos on men’s rights in a positive light. It would have shown him to be a bit more balanced.
This was ignored.

For an avowed feminist, he doesn’t do,to date,(23rd July 2016)any researched videos(just like feminist Kristi Winters) about #KurdishFeminism…the #Rojava revolution has armed feminists fighting against Islamic Theocratic Fascists and gender inequalities in Syria. The Peshmerga arm women, who have escaped from ISIS enslavement. I know one such fighter, who is out there. I’m Facebook friendly with several more. There’s no “Kurdish Feminism and its impact on Western Feminism” videos from Steve.

Arab woman in Syrian Democratic Forces (YPJ units)

I’ve never see Steve mention #DemocraticConfederalism, a movement that has feminism and gender equality at its heart!

I tweet regularly about the hideous tradition of Female Genital Mutilation. I never saw much about this from him.There’s no “5 stupid things about FGM” videos.


White Orwellian feminists don’t really talk about these issues, because they are also Regressives. They are at great pains to be inoffensive and not be critical of non Anglo-Saxon cultures.See Ben Affleck “That’s Gross, that’s racist!”

I’m no fan of Sargon. Sargon gave an offer to Steve to debate feminism, it was a gift of £1,000 to any feminist/woman’s charity that Steve named, just to talk. Anyone who was sure of his beliefs and was aware that while you may not change the viewpoint of the opposing side, you could reach out to potential followers, would readily agree. Steve did not. In fact, despite Sargon having many times more atheists following him, Steve dismisses him out of hand! No compromise is possible with Steve. Not a unifying character.

Out of a (with hindsight)misplaced loyalty, I did not watch the anti-Shives videos on YouTube & I continued watching his.

He presented the people who criticised him in such a negative light, that i either unsubscribed from them or never followed them.(on Facebook, youtube and twitter) I had only negative comments or switched the discussion away from them. I realise now that he was inputting his distain for them into me. I saw such a lopsided view of many atheists that some of my tweets were barbed, if I even replied to them. I believe some of the atheists that have blocked me, did so because I Retweeted and promoted Steve Shives.(I apologise, if you are one of those- I see now, what you were trying to say back then!) I think we(the atheist community)were all taken in or stayed with him until his interpretation of feminism (OrwellianFeminism as I have now decided to call it..distancing myself from those who use ‘feminazis’)

Steve is a toxic person. He divides the very atheist community that he wants to speak for. He now speaks for a small part of it.

I’d even put him in his own community, about a foot to the side of this diagram! 

The “White Feminist and Atheist community”.

The atheist community is not one monolithilic community.It is many different faces, but with one uniting stance, that there is no evidence for god(s). You have Alt-right anti-pc atheists to liberal anti-regressive (Steve is a regressive(watch his video on Islamophobia) feminist atheists over to EcoSocialist gender egalitarianist atheists.

There was a time when he could have spoken for a very big chunk of it, but he slipped to a point where he could press on or say “Ok , I was wrong” and turn around. He is trying to reintroduce AtheismPlus, a well meaning movement(that I joined) that turned on itself and was the prototype of the type of adversarial feminism that Steve promotes. “Them Vs Us” thinking, belittling speech and extensive use of blocking apps are key features. Him and a former twitter friend°°, Kristi Winters are guilty of this. (Please see videos for evidence)

Steve is very persuasive, but listen out for the logic fails.
Then the whole #BlockedBySteve thing started happening.
Still, i ignored this and I had also followed Sargon of Akkad and not being blocked by Steve, i proved to myself the one claim {that people got blocked by Steve for following his YouTube detractors} proved to be false.


However, people, who had been caught up in a Shives block chain/block bot (really a guilt by association app) had noticed that I was still followed by and following Steve. This meant that when they discovered that they had been blocked(In many cases unknowingly) they would come to ask me via twitter (both publicly and Twitter DM)

Why have I been blocked by this guy who I don’t know?

Why has he blocked me when I follow him on YouTube?

This has been ongoing since it started.

This recently got a bit much (I had 3 DMs in one day and 2public tweets) and I thought instead of explaining to them why I thought he had blocked them,which is what I usually did, that i would finally state my opinion to him and basically suggest that he leave off using the block bot and go private to avoid hassle from his critics fanboys.
This way he could gain new unblocked followers of his intersectional feminist atheism and connect better with those who followed him as they would have to request to follow, thus giving him the chance to see who they followed.

How about it Steve? You could delete the apps you use (Ophelia Benson and PJ Meyers use the same one) and unblock everyone. You could  answer your critics with a new hashtag… #UnblockedBySteve. You would not crucified by trolls remember… ‘cos you’d have made your account private! 

If they were a regular tweeter of people he didn’t like…then they don’t get clearance to follow him. I felt that the whole #BlockedBySteve on twitter would evaporate if he did this or it would significantly decrease.
I did not demand that he do had to do it, but I did say that I would unfollow, because I no longer wanted blocked people asking me to “please ask Steve” and would refollow once he had gone Twitter Private. I thought a friend saying this, may make him think a bit more about this way of doing things.
I thought it was a fair and helpful thing to say.



What he did was block me on Twitter and Facebook! Thus proving that his friendly attitude all of that time was probably shallow and false.
It had nothing to do with Facebook, but I had obviously become one of “them” for even suggesting another way of shielding him from trolls and unfollowing him, so the block involved all Social Media outlets.

(SO SO TRAITOROUS OF ME- I’m definitely the worst thing since Benedict Arnold!)


Since then I have ended my self imposed embargo on watching Anti-Shives videos and have now seen what he’s really like.
He’s super sensitive.
Hates criticism.
Claims people are crying about Free Speech when he(a public figure) blocks them, but its actually about him blocking out criticism of his 3rd wave feminism magina ways.
He’s a liar ( He used a Photoshopped picture to advance his views in a video)
He’s also been publicly shamed by his wife over his sexism with regards to Buffy and Angel TV shows!
The look of  “oh no, we’ve had this discussion before” has to be seen to be believed!
On face value it looks like he’s ‘under the thumb’ of a strident feminist.One comment on Twitter was(paraphrased) “the pussy must be really good, if he’s putting up with this crap!”

Is this the world that they want to live in? A matriarchal society with brow-beaten men?
Not for me!


So to recap
I got suddenly blocked on both Twitter and facebook after 3 years “friendship”.
I got blocked not for criticising him or his feminist views, but for suggesting a helpful way to end a # tag and a better on-line less hassle, more selective twitter experience!
He says that it is about others crying free speech to a private person who has no obligation to engage with trolls, but its really about him pre-blocking people who see his claims , eg Patriarchy for what they are (BullShit) or pre-blocking potential followers (of his 3rd wave Western intersectional atheism+ rebooted feminism)

In my opinion Steve revels in the #BlockedBySteve comments and the attention it gives his channel. He finds it useful to create a buzz, as he’s incapable of getting it otherwise. This is because he has blocked all those people who could have helped promote his videos on Twitter.
He’s doubled down, he was applauded for his atheist videos and ventured into feminism…when it turned sour and he got valid criticism, I believe he had a choice – stop and admit to himself that he was wrong or plough a new furrow and become an echo chambering feminist fanboy.
He’s proud of the fact that his block chain renders any chance that he might be contradicted and (((Shudder))) corrected nearly impossible!


I repeat, its not about people demanding free speech,when they are blocked by Steve , rather people pointing out Steve’s inability to cope with criticism from men and non 3rd wave feminist women.

He is a hypocrite. He talked about rape culture with a woman and when that woman disagreed with him…he blocked her! 

He blocks out people, other atheists, that have never tweeted him. He claims to speak for the atheist community….that’s not how you go about it!

I now feel like I was bashing my head against a wall. (Steve, disable the block app and go Twitter private, please)

These are two people below who found themselves blocked, when it was pointed out to them  #BlockedBySteve

This is the person with no idea that the only person thats being hurt by his blocking, is himself! 

He losing subscribers from his channel.An average of -2 every day! 
I’m sure that if a woman had suggested he go twitter private and not use the block bot, that she would not be blocked.
Steve is definitely bigoted and misandrious towards other men!

The sexist swine!

Additional – On 22nd July 2016…i was perturbed to see this tweet.

This is a tweet by a great atheist author. A person that I actually admire and respect. I see him as an InternetTwitternet friend. I retweet him on practically everything.(Very rare for me to do this) His books, tweets, memes and opinions are spot on! I agree on so much.

But, this tweet is confusing. Michael has lead the charge against Regressives and RegressiveLeft. He calls out bad rational thinking and dodgy logic.He’s against lies and false sincerity.

So, why do this? 

Shives wants to speak for the atheist community, but his rehashed AtheismPlus ideas have been roundly dismissed.

He’s a serial blocker. (None larger, I’d say) 

His YouTube channel is flatlining from a good while back. 

The person who promoted him, regrets doing it. (Darkmatter2525)

He blocked a rape survivor, when she disagreed with his views on rape culture. 
#BlockedBySteve hashtag can give the reader of this blog a great insight of how many Steve has blocked.(1,000s)

He had a very good channel- many agree with this, but now many agree that his version/interpretation* of 3rd wave intersectional feminism is Elitist, misandrious, not open to debate, mistaken and divisive.(Just talking about him gets a strong reaction from some people)

(* #OrwellianFeminism )

That Michael wrote “I await your hateful replies” indicates that he knows Shives is disliked.

He must know that while many people have similar views to Shives(as I do) that Shives has been a terrible debater and a user of a “guilty by association” blocking app and an apoloigist for anti-islamophobes.A term that Michael has made clear, that he is against. 

 Is he deliberately goading? I’d say yes.

Is he expecting replies from only the male Alt-right/Conservative MRA* and anti-feminist atheists on twitter? I’d say yes.

Is he expecting many of his own followers who all think very highly of him and who are liberal(not Regressives), feminist and progressive to say “what are you doing Mike?”?

I’d say no…..but I’m asking it.

Update- Mike has stated that he does not intend to Retweet all Steve Shives’s tweets, just the ones that he agrees with. This is a good move. We will see how much Michael agrees with Steve, well….we won’t actually…..he’s blocked so many people and is too far beyond the pale for some, that they will be ignored or if Shives has been counter blocked…not even seen by the vast majority followers of Sherlockmichael! (When blocked on twitter, you do not see their tweets and also Retweets)

Steve Shives has no patience for trolls…fair enough. He doesn’t want personal insults…that’s cool.  He can block who he wants..yup, never said he could not. Blocking unnecessarily and giving no chance for honest and sincere critics to question him…..that’s the bit I get annoyed at! He’s not for changing his mind….yet. Maybe is the one to get through to him.

Here’s an excellent post below by Michael. Steve is a convinced feminist, but a poor gender egalitarianist. The goal we both want is Gender equality. He thinks you have to promote feminism, always his interpretation of feminism mind, to achieve it. This is not the case.

We have 3, maybe 4 waves of feminism…how many more? 23rd wave feminism arguing about the patriarchal selection of male fruit over female fruit? … some point you have to say “it’s the first wave of Gender egalitarianism, the first wave of meritorious intersectional  humanism”…more people are moving away from feminism, because of people like Shives, who alienate and block out good people. You get the crazy situation of females rejecting feminism, a cause meant to help them! 

If the intention by Sherlock is to gather all thoughts, all opinions together and #UnifyAtheism ..that’s good, but it will be an uphill struggle

1- Dawkins said of getting atheists to do something collectively was like “trying to herd cats”.

2- too many factions. Some are opposed to each other. MRA atheists and Strident feminist atheists hate each other. 

3-Steve is not a unity candidate. How can he be? The blocking app he uses is a “Guilt by association” app. If a new atheist(not ‘New Atheist’) follows Sargon and then innocently asks Steve “why do you block so many people?” ..that acct is blocked.

As mentioned above, if Steve was SERIOUSLY SERIOUS about weeding out the trolls from his detractors,he would cease using the app, which would allow atheists, who like what he says on Youtube to follow, it would end or reduce the #BlockedBySteve hashtag and he has to put his Twitter acct into lock/Private mode, which would give him control of who follows him.(Eg- No Friends of Thunderfoot, Amazing Atheist and many, many others)

 I even said, if he goes Private lock on twitter and he unblocks me..I’d think of requesting to follow him again…(I’d like to point out- he’d have to accept all of the justified criticism first…which he wouldn’t. He doesn’t strike me as someone that admits he was wrong anymore)

This is all I suggested to him. I got blocked for it. I failed, but maybe if another ally points this out… Michael will succeed in reaching him…..maybe…..


*** yes, I know I have repeated myself throughout this blog. The reason is one is fucking listening to me, Shives, the least of all! Maybe this blog will be the tipping point…

°° Kristi Winters blocked me for publicly agreeing with one video by Noel Plum about her ‘academic'(it wasn’t) criticism of a noelplum video. The blocking was an excuse as I believe she wanted to block me since the LaughingWitch vs Thunderfoot letter drama(A YouTube clash of personalities) and my “falling out”(I tried giving advice) with Steve Shives.

She’s called me a liar. I call her ungrateful, after all the twitter account boosting (to other feminist atheists that I know) that I did. She was on my bio. Ahead of Michael Sherlock as well!(Given his top spot) She was #FF’d on Follower Fridays. 

I’ve noticed her dismissive comments on several videos….It would be a tough decision to  refollow or subscribe to her again, even if she did apologise. 


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