An atheists perspective on Israel

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is only my opinion.

Israel and Palestine.
Palestine and Israel.
Aren’t you fed up yet?
… I am.

There was a land. People lived there.Then a bunch of other people decided they wanted to live there.They butcher their way in and took the land.Some of the original people try to take back the land and are put back in their place.

Where is this? Israel?
No.It’s The USA.
The USA support Israel.

I see it like this. There’s a house. It was occupied by a bunch of people. They were forced out and another group of people came, killed many and took that house,’ cos their god told them it was theirs.They lived there and then, one day, the Romans threw them out.Their god didn’t prevent this.

Another group of people moved in and they lived well enough till a War began and an Empire needed armaments.They were given by a Zionist. British man said to the Zionist –
“Thanks for all the help you’ve given us, we’ll support your idea of going back to the House you once had.You can have a Jewish room in this house, but not of this Palestine House
..and you can't be nasty to the people already living there."
So, this Empire gets a mandate over the House and supports the idea, as it helps furthers it's colonial goals in the neighborhood of the house.
People recognised that Judaism can survive without Zionism, but Zionism can not survive without Judaism, so it was intertwined. Now anyone criticising Zionism would be label Anti-Jew and racist.
Now, a very big bad event happened. WW2.
Quite understandably, many many Jews didn't want to live in Eastern Europe anymore.
Where would they go?
The answer to many was that House that they used to live in.

Here we go.
They are allowed in the House. They are told by the New Landlord, Mr UN, (since the Empire landlord has had enough, cos his hotel was blown up by Terrorists from the Jewish family) “you can have Two rooms and the attic in the House.”
“Fine” says the Jewish family.
The Arab family say "What? They are only to be given a room"…and pile in on the Jewish family.
The Jewish family has a few big backers and good training.They survive and expand.
It doesn't help that they other have different religions.
The Arab family…who did live there in that house for a good while still feel pissed that these people are in their house.They try to eject them again and again, but the result is they loose most of the rooms of this house and they only are allowed to live in the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom.
Meanwhile the kitchen has some of the Jewish family living in the pantry/larder and they are eyeing up the sink and the worktops.
Sometimes the Jewish family offer a deal to have some carpet space returned to the Arab's seen as an insult.
The Arab family did used to have all that carpet.

In the Arab Family there are hotheads called Hamas….They want nothing but the Jewish family out completely and there are Jewish Family Hotheads called settlers, who have bought into the idea that the house is All theirs.

Anyone supporting the Jewish family, support the idea that an ancient Deity gave the House to the family. They also condone the kitchen colonialism.The Jewish family apparently give better rooms for women , for gays and free speech and are brutally defending them.
Anyone supporting the Arab family, support the idea that they are going to get a few rooms back, but the religious ideas of the hotheads prevent this.The Arab family need end the rule of the hotheads and try to be more like the Jewish family.The Jewish family must realize the the Arab family have aright to live and return to their rooms.

One day, both families will merge and the house will be at peace.


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