Odd exchanges and the reasons I blocked them!

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

What’s this all about then?


Well, it started with this meme below;


It got 27 likes and then
http://www.twitter.com/WolfyofYaoiHave took a view that it was wrong.

We had a discussion and I got snarky(I was tired), which i later, several times, apologized for.
Anyway, the conversation restarted and I tried to explain myself and the meme but Wolfy seemed to not accept them.
So, chalk and cheese and I reluctantly blocked him.

Here’s another one— Only this one didn’t even say what offended them and locked me.

Adds me to to lists – racist and Fascist ….
Obviously hasn’t looked at the majority of my tweets.
Obviously hasn’t asked me my views.


Here’s another…blocking me for an unknown reason !



Two other people.
One I’ve blocked
One I’ve unfollowed.
The one I’ve blocked is http://www.twitter.com/DavCoPho an atheist photographer who came into a conversation I was having with the one that I’ve unfollowed http://www.twitter.com/Yasmeenasworld who is his model friend,also atheist. We were discussing the Israel/Palestine dispute.I said the area of Palestine (pre1948) was inhabited by Palestinians.She insisted there was only an area called Palestine with No inhabitants.I also said I wanted #FreeGazaFromReligion and #FreeWestBankFromColonialism and asked if she believed “A god gave land rights to a chosen race”….he called this harassing behavior and also dodged the question.He went on to insult me…

Telling me to “commit suicide” and repeatedly calling me a “filthy lifeform” will result in blocking.
I expressed no antisemitic opinions.I asked only a few polite questions. The man is an idiot.


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