Temporarily Unfollowed & Blocked.

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Picture this- A good atheist tweeter you have followed has come out with a statement so obviously Muslimaphobic and full of Far Right rhetoric, that you think
“Nope, I could answer and in many different ways, but…no.I’m not bothering.I’m just unfollowing and blocking for a while”

I have done this.I do it with regret, ‘cos most atheists seem to tweet okay on many other things and are in step with many of my views on religion.
I try to criticize religious beliefs , not people, who may actually be victims of that religion.(through not being allowed to see another viewpoint.)

Then a tweet pops up-
I think
“Oh why did you write that?”
I generally feel let down when I see such tweets.

In my opinion —

1-It divides atheists, antitheists and Humanists.

2-Anti-Muslim tweets may show that you haven’t read up as much or you do so in full knowledge that it will cause a stir..You can’t simply see Islam in such a one dimensional manner.There are #MedinaMuslims ,the Theocratic type & #MeccaMuslims who ,thankfully, cherry-pick their Koran and are decent people.

3-Using “Muslim rape gangs^” is something not to tweet.This was lifted straight from the Christian, racist and xenophobic Britain First & maybe EDL leaflets or posts on Facebook.

^=Inflammatory trigger and refers to incidents in Rotherham & Rochdale, which occurred after a failing of policing & an unwillingness of many people and parties, not just Labour*, to criticise Islam properly.No one wanted to risk being called racist, even when they wasn’t being racist.

4-It’s a Muslimophobic view to talk about Religion specific rape gangs, as there are white (a tiny %age priests in the Catholic faith) pimp and grooming gangs in Christian religious majority areas & also, for example – There are Hindu and Buddhist men who abuse. To concentrate on just the Pakistani community is racist.
All holy books can be interpreted to allow for older men to marry younger woman against their consent. This is why #ReligionIsPoison

( Xenophobic people may refer to subcontinent Indians & Bangladeshis as “those Paki’s” which is an ignorant view & shows a lack of geographic knowledge)

They have their opinion and I defend the right for them to say it, but I don’t have to follow such twitter accounts.
To call me a hypocrite for blocking people who tweet right-wing Muslimophobic views ,means that you do not understand MY views.I’m a liberal, cosmopolitan and open-minded person.They are opposite to the anti-socialist, racist and xenophobic views expressed in those sort of tweets.
By unfollowing and blocking such tweeters it is entirely >in step< with my own views.

The purpose of the unfollow and blocking** is to hopefully ( it almost never works) make them think "hmmm,i'm not seeing Athe1stp0wer's tweets. Why's that?" And then they notice the block & maybe wonder why.
If they are bothered enough to ask someone to tweet me to find out why, I can explain indirectly without the heated angry conversation that sometimes happens.
If they say, thru' the messager "Well, that tweet was a bit much.Sorry" , then I'll unblock and follow again.
If they stick to what they said , then we have a difference and can leave it there.

* I used to be Labour. Then moved to Liberal Democrat.Now Green Party.
** I don’t block totally and “Forever”. I do have a timescale.
Minor things are usually a week.
Regular obnoxiousness gets a month
Crazy Theists ,about 6 months
The real fruitcakes, about a year and I usually unblock to tweet and see if they’ve changed their minds (hardly ever)

Other blocked people.
TimeWasters basically:


http://www.twitter.com/1hattifattener Thought they could explain MY tweets better than I could. Poor grasp of history.
They blocked me, after I pointed this out.
Kiddo ! Hmmm, do they know I’m In my late, late 30*s?


Blocked by http://www.twitter.com/onesarahjones
‘Cos I’m an “Atheist Fundamentalist”?


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